BLUE WINGS 登载。(Apr 15, 2019)

Step inside the digital world of teamLab

Takashi Kudo of digital art collective teamLab helps shake up the assumptions of what art is supposed to be.
“Art is something we can’t express with words,” says Takashi Kudo.
But then the words start pouring forth, and for most of the next hour, he talks quickly, excitedly, passionately about teamLab, the Tokyo-based art collective of which he’s one of the key members.(Excerpt from the text)

Yahoo 旅遊 登载。(Apr 11, 2019)

【假日文青遊】 2日1夜廣州打卡熱點!花景teamLab+住小清新民宿

香港人無時無刻都想去旅行,一時興起,平時星期六日都可以即興來個兩日一夜的Weekend Trip,一日假都唔洗請,爽!近年,廣州的文青景點如雨後春筍般開個不停,有人氣Cafe、型格民宿,4月開始更有紅爆全球的數位藝術展Teamlab等,跟住呢個兩日一夜行程玩,一定唔怕悶!(Excerpt from the text)

ANA Global Channel 登载。(Apr 5, 2019)

Connection by Design | Pocket Sun

ANA Connection By Design

Watch venture capitalist and entrepreneur Pocket Sun go on a business trip with someone she’s never met before. From Singapore to San Jose, California, they fly ANA’s seamless connection through Tokyo. Their journey together takes them around the world to places that feed their common interests around food, tech, and business.(Excerpt from the text)

HYPEBAE 登载。(Apr 3, 2019)

Step Inside teamLab's Gravity-Defying Light Installation That Detects Human Movement

teamLab has dreamt up a new immersive art installation which reacts with the audience life. The Weightless Forest of Resonating Life experience is made up of floating egg-shaped structures which give off a soft light. When touched, the objects change color and tone alerting nearby attendees of another person’s presence. In the middle, you can find free-floating orbs that move effortlessly through the space.(Excerpt from the text)

THE PAPER 登载。(Mar 25, 2019)


上周,持续发酵的美国赛克勒家族阿片类奥施康定致人死亡问题蔓延到艺术领域。赛克勒家族捐赠对象伦敦国家肖像馆、泰特美术馆先后叫停捐赠,其他机构也在观望中。在上海,风靡全球的艺术团体teamLab举办首展,花开花谢间让人感受生活循环的力量;画家翁真如用中国笔墨描绘考拉,传递中澳友好。在莫斯科,俄罗斯观念艺术家巴维尔·派珀斯丁则用个展“人类是风景的边框”呈现新一代莫斯科观念主义艺术家的风貌。(Excerpt from the text)

IDEAT理想家 登载。(Mar 22, 2019)


teamLab被公认为是当今国际艺术界最为重要的现象之一,沉浸式艺术以新颖的方式结合了视觉艺术、科技、音乐、建筑及空间设计及剧场体验等多种艺术门类,在世界范围内有效地重新塑造了艺术与公众的动态关系。(Excerpt from the text)