MAGAZINE DELLE DONNE にて、取り上げられました。(Sep 7, 2015)

"Floating Flower Garden": il labirinto di fiori sospesi alla ricerca delle origini

In mostra a Maison&Objet 2015, “Floating Flower Garden” è il giardino di 2300 fiori sospesi a testa in giù ideato dai giapponesi di TeamLab. Una passeggiata per perdere i sensi e ritrovare l’origine del tutto.

Duemila e trecento fiori sospesi a testa in giù, ondeggianti, vivi, colorati, profumati. Un labirinto di petali, pistilli e foglie che vive, respira, ondeggia, cambia di ora in ora, regalando all’attonito spettatore una passeggiata onirica dove perdere e intravedere l’origine del tutto. Succede a Maison&Objet 2015, la fiera parigina dedicata all’arredamento che – tra le miriadi di altre cose – ospita anche Floating Flower Garden, l’installazione di TeamLab, un collettivo d’arte giapponese guidato da Toshiyuki Inoko che ha già incantato il pubblico al Miraikan national museum di Tokyo tanto da convincere gli organizzatori a prolungare la mostra di due mesi. 

L’installazione di TeamLab è una metafora in tre dimensioni di un Kōan zen della cultura buddista, l’incontro tra un maestro e il suo discepolo dove viene rivelata la natura ultima della realtà. Toshiyuki Inoko racconta che nel XIII secolo, un monaco zen lasciò il suo ritiro meditativo sulla montagna alla ricerca del risveglio. Un giorno indicò con il dito un fiore in un giardino: “Noi e tutto ciò che ci circonda siamo fatti della stessa sostanza, abbiamo la stessa origine” spiegò. 

Eccolo, il messaggio dell’installazione che nel Terzo Millennio inscena e dà corpo al cammino più antico degli uomini, quello alla ricerca delle origini. Origini che ci riportano alla Natura, quella Natura che troppo spesso diamo per scontata, bistrattiamo quando non maltrattiamo senza pietà, fingendo di sapere che inquinarla significa inquinare un pezzo di noi. Un cammino che facciamo tutti insieme, come gocce nel mare. Una metafora che gli algoritmi di Team Lab hanno ricreato nell’installazione: più gente passeggia nel Floating Flower Garden, più i fiori si animano, respirano, ondeggiano.

MAISON & OBJET PARIS にて、取り上げられました。(Sep, 2015)

Floating Flower Garden

TeamLab, the Japanese digital technology collective, invites us on a sensorial promenade in an immersive installation with the overtones of a suspended Eden.

The teamLab – FLOATING FLOWER GARDEN SPACE / Have you ever opened the doors to a garden with thousands of levitating and perfumed flowers? This exceptional and highly poetic sensory experience will be presented to you by teamLab at the entrance of hall 7.

After last season’s dreamy banquet of birds and flowering cherry branches, the Japanese techno-artists return to Villepinte with an amazing botanical fairyland. 2,300 suspended flowers, with their roots anchored overhead, float in a vivid white bubble. Petals, leaves and pistils blossom in the silence of the carnal and mysterious garden. The place evolves since the flowers grow each day thanks to the technological prowess of teamLab. As if endowed with a conscience, they rise when the spectator approaches, creating a dome over his head, and then descend once again. If visitors stand in a group together, the botanical chorus is amplified but the flowers remain evasive.

This 3-D metaphor takes inspiration from a zen kôan, those part-fable, part-poetic Buddhist enigmas. TeamLab’s founder Toshiyuki Inoko tells us that in the 13th century, a zen priest left his meditative retreat in the mountains to teach the path of awakening. One day, he pointed to a flower in a garden: “People today see it as if they were in a dream”, he said. “The Heaven and I come from the same roots. Everything around me and myself as well are made of the same substance”.

This is the installation’s philosophy: the delicate link it weaves between visitors and the ecosystem offers a way to restore our sense of unity with Nature. By modeling the wonders, the experience of a flower garden awakens us through the magic of algorithm and introduces the visitor to teamLab’s ecological message.

To discover at
scènes d’interieur. Hall 7

FAD にて、取り上げられました。(Sep 3, 2015)

teamLAB ‘hyper-group’ of some 500 artists, scientists and technologists head to London

This solo show at START Art Fair will be the first time the Japanese digital artist collective has exhibited in the UK. Consisting of three digital, interactive pieces, Flutter of Butterflies Beyond Borders brings our attention to the relationship between us and nature. In the largest piece of the exhibition, Flowers and People, Cannot be Controlled but Live Together – A Whole Year per Hour, Dark (2015), flowers will keep on springing up, growing, blossoming and withering away in the real-time rendered artworks – but the viewer holds the key to affecting the cycle. Nature is constantly evolving, as is our digital knowledge: the exhibition challenges the ways of perceiving both our surroundings and the digital developments taking place.

floral daily にて、取り上げられました。(Sep 3, 2015)

2,300 flying orchids in Floating Flower Garden

A floating flower garden with an infinite number of floating living flowers that fill up the entire garden space. Over 2,300 floating flowers bloom in the space. These flowers are alive and growing with each passing day. Today is orchid day and that’s why we show you this lovely video from teamlab.

When a viewer gets close to this flower-filled space, the flowers close to the viewer rise upwards all at once, creating a hemispherical space with the viewer at its center. In other words, although the whole space is filled with flowers, a hemispherical space is constantly being created with the viewer at its center and the viewer is free to move around wherever they want. If many viewers get close to one another, the dome spaces link up to form one single space. 

In this interactive floating flower garden viewers are immersed in flowers, and become completely one with the garden itself.

Luxurylaunches にて、取り上げられました。(Sep 1, 2015)


Japanese digital creation maestro Teamlab has transformed London’s Saatchi Gallery into a visual spectacle. We especially loved the theme; ‘flutter of butterflies beyond borders’ is composed of a path surrounded by mirrors that is a portrayal of the seasonal course that flowers experience during a year. Here, the theme explored is the boundary between nature and human behaviour – flowers will keep on springing up, growing, blossoming and withering away in the real-time rendered artworks – but the viewer holds the key to affecting the cycle.

Created in real time by a computer programme, the artistic images are not pre- recorded or played back. What fascinated us the most is that the entire work continues to evolve and the same state will never be repeated.

Held during the START art fair, it shines a spotlight on emerging artists and new art scenes. The edition of the fair runs from 10th to 13th September 2015.

OPENERS にて、取り上げられました。(Sep 1, 2015)

チームラボ、光の宇宙を歩く新作エキシビション開催中|POLA MUSEUM ANNEX

POLA MUSEUM ANNEX|ポーラ ミュージアム アネックス

ウルトラテクノロジスト集団「チームラボ」は、銀座にあるポーラ ミュージアム アネックスにて、新作個展『teamLab Exhibition, Walk Through the Crystal Universe』を9月27日(日)まで開催中。





teamLab Exhibition, Walk Through the Crystal Universe
会期|9月27日(日)まで ※会期中無休
会場|ポーラ ミュージアム アネックス

週刊アスキー にて、取り上げられました。(Sept, 1, 2015)