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50 shades of Fog: Design meets art fair

The third annual Fog Design + Art fair opens Thursday to the public. During the four-day event, the Fort Mason Festival Pavilion will be brimming with furniture, fine art and design objects from 43 exhibitors. “This is a unique experience for the Bay Area to have the best dealers from all over the country under one roof,” says interior designer Douglas Durkin, one of the co-founders of Fog.

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START, one of London’s fastest growing annual art fairs, showcases contemporary art and design of emerging artists from around the world.
In 2015, START featured work from 23 countries at the Saatchi Gallery. Among the curated projects was the Japanese digital collective, teamLab, self proclaimed “ultra-technologists,” whose immersive work, Flutter of Butterflies Beyond Borders, featured a magical, constantly evolving floral projection presented in a black-box room.

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猪子寿之の〈人類を前に進めたい〉 第4回「モナ・リザの前が混んでて嫌なのは、 絵画がインタラクティブじゃないから」

■ 他者の振る舞いが面白くなるアート

猪子:9月にロンドンのSaatchi Galleryで、「花と人、コントロールできないけれども、共に生きる – A Whole Year per Hour」(以下「花と人」)という作品を展示したんだよ。これはじっとしている人の周辺には花が沢山咲くし、走り回る人の周辺では花が散るという作品なんだよね。