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teamLab to Display Floral Screen-Based Works at Pace Gallery Palo Alto

Showcasing floral design that will be animated in a continuous loop.
Trailing behind their groundbreaking Borderless museum in Tokyo, immersive installation experts from teamLab are set to launch a new exhibition at the Pace Gallery in Palo Alto, California. The extensive presentation will put on a display of new screen-based digital works by the Japanese art collective. These pieces will display a floral animation in an infinite loop. Altogether, teamLab’s effort to raise awareness of ecological and environmental issues are invoked through this series.(本文抜粋)

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How teamLab Invents Tokyo’s First Digital Art Museum

Groundbreaking art collective teamLab are no strangers to genre-pushing, concept advancing explorations, crafting through their works a world where art and technology collide.
The high profile, yet enigmatic group have garnered an international reputation over recent years. Their digital art masterpieces have been displayed in Shenzhen, Singapore, London, and Paris, as well as their home city of Tokyo.(本文抜粋)

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宇佐神宮 光の祭 Art by teamLab

「宇佐神宮 光の祭 Art by teamLab」では「浮遊する、呼応する球体」と「呼応する木々 」を展示し、宇佐神宮の参道と森を人々の存在によって変化するインタラクティブな光のアート空間に変えます。(本文抜粋)

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森ビル デジタルアート ミュージアム:エプソン チームラボ ボーダレスの“EN TEA HAUSE幻花亭”で楽しめる花のお茶。茶碗のなかに花が現れて消えるデジタルアートが、一期一会を表現。(本文抜粋)

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大分・宇佐神宮に呼応する球体や森が出現!チームラボが創り出す 光の祭

神社の参道と森を包む、幻想的な光のアート!八幡社の総本宮 宇佐神宮(うさじんぐう)では、2018年10月26日(金)~11月7日(水)まで、チームラボとのコラボで実現した「宇佐神宮 光の祭 Art by teamLab」が開催されます。(本文抜粋)