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This digital art exhibition will challenge the way people experience art

Admit it, conventional art exhibitions can be, at times, boring.
You walk in to an exhibition, observe several art installations over a glass of wine and perhaps discuss about it, and leave.
FUTURE WORLD: Where Art Meets Science is a brand-new art exhibition that'll challenge the way people experience art through 19 cutting-edge digital art installations.(Excerpt from the text)

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Their name is “teamLab”, a name that actually summarizes two of the elements distinguishing the activity of this artistic collective: the innovation side, being a laboratory in constant transformation, and the team working side, a mission statement, that is also a working method and it is Ng “public image”.
Established in 2001 (of course, everything born that year seemed naturally projected into the future…), they are a group of several hundred people that, starting from each one’s skills – ranging from robotics to graphics, from animation to programming, from architecture to mathematics – are joining their engagement around projects that will populate the earth.(Excerpt from the text) に、掲載。(2020年)

Museums without boundaries: teamLab Borderless and teamLab Planets

Let's face it. Museums can sometimes be a bit... boring. The stuffy atmosphere. Abstract scrawlings that just don't seem to want to be understood. That expectation of silent contemplation that somehow leaves you more drained than edified.
At worst, an art museum can sometimes feel like literally watching paint dry.
But what would it be like if a museum was an immersive experience in itself? (Excerpt from the text)

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Did you know there’s an Instagram account called Tits from the Past? I didn’t, until my stepdad pointed it out to me, which is OK because my mum pointed it out to him. Scroll through its feed and you’ll find scraps from historical and contemporary artworks that showcase female flesh. The premise, as stated in the bio: “We share fine art nipples”. (Excerpt from the text)

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Tokyo's teamLab Borderless art exhibition really bends the brain

It’s not every day I’m plunged into darkness entering an art gallery. But Tokyo’s Mori Building Digital Art Museum: teamLab Borderless is no ordinary art gallery.
The world’s first digital art museum is breathtaking in scope and scale: an immersive, interactive world set to ambient music, and splashed across two levels of a darkened warehouse in Odaibo, Tokyo Bay. Opened in June last year, it’s fast becoming one of Japan’s must-see art shows.(Excerpt from the text)

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The Top 10 Museums in Tokyo

With Tokyo being one of the most historically diverse cities on Earth—where the ancient and the traditional meet the artistic and the neon modern in repeatedly dazzling ways—it’s unsurprising that Tokyo plays host to so many fantastic museums. Interactive art museums, museums dedicated to warriors, and modern pop culture museums make up the breadth of museums available to those visiting and exploring Tokyo.(Excerpt from the text)

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6 Amazing Global Art Destinations for the Luxury Traveler, From a Museum Atop a Japanese Skyscraper to a Light Show in the Outback

As much as we love experiencing art close to home, seeing some of the world’s most captivating works requires packing. The truly committed will book flights, check bags, and endure hours of travel to experience the limits of human imagination, and how it manifests in groundbreaking works of art.(Excerpt from the text)

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teamLab Seamlessly Merges Art & Science in Singapore Exhibition

Japan-based art collective teamLab is bringing five new artworks, including digital interactive installations, to Singapore’s ArtScience Museum. Back in 2016, teamLab exhibited their first large-scale permanent exhibition at ArtScience, challenging the conventional notions of museums and how people experience art. The renewal of the exhibition showcases the museum’s commitment to enhancing the ever-evolving permanent exhibition by teamLab. (本文抜粋)

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teamLab's digital art wonderland getting cherry blossom makeover for spring

Japanese digital art collective teamLab’s interactive exhibitions have become a favorite of Instagrammers. Their work combines digital art technology and physical spaces to create beautiful and immersive worlds which blur the line between the art and the viewer.
After creating a suitable buzz around their work, teamLab went on to secure two permanent art museums located in Tokyo, for people who want to fully immerse themselves in digital art wonderlands. (Excerpt from the text)

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“When ArtScience Museum conceived FUTURE WORLD with teamLab, we wanted to create a space that would change over time and reward repeat visitation. The exhibition gives visitors the opportunity to experience what it is like when art, science, culture and technology come together. FUTURE WORLD has been a success since its launch in 2016, and we are delighted to welcome our two millionth visitor last year. (本文抜粋)