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Step inside the digital world of teamLab

Takashi Kudo of digital art collective teamLab helps shake up the assumptions of what art is supposed to be.
“Art is something we can’t express with words,” says Takashi Kudo.
But then the words start pouring forth, and for most of the next hour, he talks quickly, excitedly, passionately about teamLab, the Tokyo-based art collective of which he’s one of the key members.(Excerpt from the text)

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Let DJ Steve Aoki Craft Your Next Tokyo Itinerary

As the world’s most-traveled DJ (even holding a Guinness World Record to prove it), superstar Steve Aoki logs more than 260 days a year on the road. He journeys everywhere from Argentina to Australia, but the one destination he always yearns to return to is Japan.(Excerpt from the text)

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Connection by Design | Pocket Sun

ANA Connection By Design

Watch venture capitalist and entrepreneur Pocket Sun go on a business trip with someone she’s never met before. From Singapore to San Jose, California, they fly ANA’s seamless connection through Tokyo. Their journey together takes them around the world to places that feed their common interests around food, tech, and business.(Excerpt from the text) にて、取り上げられました。(2019年4月19日)



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