Learn & Play! teamLab Future Park

Jul 15 - Sep 18, 2017 Okinawa Prefectural Museum & Art Museum Naha, Okinawa, 일본

Learn & Play! teamLab Future Park
2017.7.15 (Sat) - 2017.9.18 (Mon)
9:00-18:00(The entrance gate closes at 17:00)
Fridays, Saturdays,
9:00-20:00(The entrance gate closes at 19:30)
Mondays(17 July and 18 Sep open)
Okinawa Prefectural Museum & Art Museum
3-1-1, Omoromachi, Naha-shi, Okinawa, 900-0006
【Advance】 General: 1100 yen, middle and high school students: 800 yen, dwarf (3 years old to 6th graders): 500 yen, pair tickets 2000 yen (only advance tickets)
【The day】 General: 1300 yen, middle and high school students: 1000 yen, dwarfs (same): 600 yen
※ 1) Free up to 2 years old
※ 2) For groups of 20 or more, same advance price
※ 3) Half of the day fee for persons with handicapped Person with disabilities and one assistant
※ 4) Hakubi Members (annual passport) presenters are allowed. Advance tariff applicable up to 2 people accompanied
※ 5) Tickets will be held at the museum side at the same time holding a semi-ticket discount with the "Seaside surprised life exhibition" (general, middle and high school students discount 100 yen from the day fee, deduction 50 yen discount)
Event Info
1. Play! Programming for Geniuses

On the upcoming 25-27 August 2017, we will be hosting an exciting three-day kids’ event. Everyone from primary school to adults can have fun whilst learning the basic ideas of programming. Those new to programing most welcome!  

Age range: Primary school and above
Fee: 2,000 yen/child (incl. tax) Free for accompanying adults. *Please pay at the entrance on the day of the event. 
Duration: About 1 hour
Maximum capacity: 30 children/session
Venue: Okinawa Prefectural Museum and Art Museum, Children Atelier
1. 10:00-11:00
2. 12:00-13:00 
3. 14:00-16:00 
4. 16:00-17:00
* You can only attend one session.

Booking: We recommend booking in advance. Please book using this form.
Enquiries: 098-941-8200 (Okinawa Prefectural Museum and Art Museum). *Please mention that it is an enquiry about teamLab Programming for Geniuses.

About Play! Programming for Geniuses

Have fun whilst learning the basic ideas of programming. Make a drawing and see it move using a program that you have written. Programs are made by combining blocks, so children can learn programming intuitively whilst playing.

Click on the link for more details: https://www.teamlab.art/jp/w/programming/

2. Tin Badge Factory

Create an exclusive tin badge from your drawings!
Fee: 500 yen (incl. tax)

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