Catching and Collecting Forest


When we were young, everyone was crazy about catching and gathering things.

Over the long history of humankind, which is said to be 6 million years, humans have survived by hunting and gathering until we started to farm and raise livestock 10,000 years ago. Of those 6 million years of human history, about 5.99 million (99.8%) were spent physically exploring the forests with others, hunting and gathering plants and animals, thus causing our brains to evolve and adapt to this way of life. Humans have survived by exploring forests, by catching and gathering, by studying and learning. It is for this reason that we all instinctively find the acts of catching and gathering to be fun.

Modern society is fast-changing and unpredictable. In order to cope with such a society, it is essential to continue learning over the course of our lifetimes. What is needed in the coming era is not the existing form of education that focuses on teaching and memorization, but rather an independent learning based on our own interests. In other words, we believe that voluntary learning based on one’s own interests is paramount.

Physically exploring with others, discovering and catching something, then taking the chance to broaden interests based on what was caught. This is what we have been doing naturally over the long course of human history.

For humanity, the acts of catching and gathering are fun, educational, and part of life.