It May Sound Totally Trippy, But teamLab's "Ultra Subjective Space" Show at Pace Gallery is All About Perspective and Space

Publiziert in COMPLEX, Jul 26, 2014

It May Sound Totally Trippy, But teamLab’s “Ultra Subjective Space” Show at Pace Gallery is All About Perspective and Space

When is the last time you thought about perspective and space? The representation of space in paintings… seems superfluous right? Not according to Japanese art collective teamLab, who is putting on a show dedicated to this abstract notion of spacial representation. 
Brought to you by the same guys who made an exhibit of color-changing balls, “Ultra Subjective Space” is a two-venue show that will include five large-scale digital monitor pieces and an immersive digital installation Crows are chased and Division in Perspective — Light in Dark. It’s teamLab’s first exhibition in the United States.
Basically, the show challenges us to consider the way different cultures portray space. You may recall from whatever art history classes you’ve taken that Western Renaissance paintings involves a lot of perspective. In old Western paintings, objects recede in space, and viewers see depth. In Japanese art—from Vincent van Gogh’s beloved, Ukiyo-e prints to Japanese manga—objects and figures are depicted on a single plane of depth. Pretty interesting, right?
All of this is displayed across five staggered monitors in vivid animations that literally force you to view these pieces with a different perspective—or lack of perspective, to be more precise. 
“Ultra Subjective Space” will be on view at Pace Gallery from July 17-Aug. 15, 2014. If the images are any indication, the show seems like it’ll be pretty mind-blowing.