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Sketch Town Papercraft

teamLab, 2015-, Paper

Sketch Town Papercraft

teamLab, 2015-, Paper

The pictures people draw in Sketch Town can be made into an original paper craft.

Each of the pictures drawn in Sketch Town, such as cars and buildings, is converted into a plan for a paper craft model. By assembling along the plan guidelines, you can create a one-of-a-kind paper craft.

Wie man mit dem Kunstwerk interagiert

  • 1

    Draw and color in your favorite image in Sketch Town.

  • 2

    Scan your drawing.

  • 3

    Print out the papercraft plan.

  • 4

    Assemble your picture into an original 3-D papercraft model that you can take home.

Förderung von Fähigkeiten

  • Spatial Awareness
  • Understanding of Spatial Perspective
  • Problem Solving