Featured on SURFACE, 2019/09/25

teamLab Brings its Mind - Bending Visuals to Australia

Since just after the turn of this century, the artists, programmers, engineers, CG animators, mathematicians, and architects of the art collective teamLab have been offering glimpses of what the future in digital art would be through installations that explore creativity, technology, and the natural world. After creating teamLab Borderless in Tokyo last year, teamLab is bringing their immersive works to the Tolarno Galleries as part of the Melbourne International Arts Festival this fall.(Excerpt from the text)

Featured on Mutual Art , 2019/10/30

Wander, Explore with Intention, Discover, Create: teamLab Borderless Opens in Shanghai

Writer Emma-Kate Wilson considers collective teamLab latest offering to the digital museum experience in China for teamLab Borderless Shanghai, opening November 5, 2019.
The closest experience that can be likened to the teamLab Borderless Shanghai museum is stargazing. As the night's sky glistens with a vision of twinkling dots, all you can do is relax into the overwhelming sense of scale. (Excerpt from the text)

Featured on MONTECRISTO MAGAZINE, 2020/01/13

Step Into Ever - Shifting Light in This Immersive Museum in Tokyo

When I think of most museums, I think of paintings by old masters hanging behind glass or barricades, with hawk-eyed guards quick to reprimand should you dare get too close.
There’s an air of silent reverence; you can only get this close. There’s the art, and there’s you, the audience. Steps apart.
But the digital art experience that teamLab Planets Tokyo offers in the Toyosu district of Tokyo is something entirely different. Here, we are not merely observers; through our interaction with the art, we become an intrinsic part of it. (Excerpt from the text)

Featured on Neocha, 2019/11/04

A Borderless World

Hemingway called the cultural scene of Paris a “moveable feast,” and this description could be aptly applied to the world that teamLab has constructed. Stepping inside Shanghai’s EPSON teamLab Borderless, you’ll discover a space in constant flux. The artworks within its walls—all of which are inspired by nature and humans—move freely throughout the building in the form of sound, lights, and electricity, appearing before visitors as a visual feast of contemporary art. (Excerpt from the text)

Featured on Attraction MANAGEMENT, 2020/01/02

teamLab bring a world of immersive artworks to Macau

Art collective teamLab, working with Sands Resorts Macao, are set to open a museum of immersive digital artworks in Macau, China, this February.
teamLab SuperNature Macao is based on the collective's SuperNature concept, through which they create a world of interactive artworks aimed at blurring the boundaries between people’s bodies and art.
The new attraction will be located at the Venetian Macao hotel in an expo hall covering an area of 5,000sq m (54,000sq ft). (Excerpt from the text)

Featured on TODAY ONLINE, 2019/12/19

Free Entry For Singapore Residents To teamLab's New Immersive Exhibition

teamLab is a Japan-based studio seeking to merge art and technology as well as explore the relationship between humans and nature.
Combining the efforts from various individuals and fields of knowledge, from artists, designers, engineers, programmers, architects, and mathematicians, teamLab explores the relationship between humans and nature. (Excerpt from the text)