Last Days

teamLab, 2007, Music Video, 6min 25sec, Sound: Shinichi Osawa

Last Days

teamLab, 2007, Music Video, 6min 25sec, Sound: Shinichi Osawa


The Science developed in the West has considered only objectively and rationality as its object. Subjective things, irrational things, physical things, and tastes have been long disregarded from science. It was presupposed that it was not them what science should deal with. As a result of pursuing only the objectively and rationality, Occidental civilization stored a success which overwhelms other civilization. However, it comes to a deadlock now, in the early 21st century, clearly.

We think this way. That is natural to reach the limits. Because the world where human actually live in, is dominated around 90% with the subjective things and physical thing which the science disregarded. Even though, as the science has been disregarded, those are relied on only to the personal inspiration and effort of people such as artist and creater.

Then, subjective things are not able to be object of science? We think that is wrong. For example, Japanese-style paintings, particularly black-and-white drawings are greatly different from objective world. Those are very abstract expression but there are a lot of great works and many people are moved in a same way. If there was commonality in the impression among people, there should be something rule. If there was a rule, that must be able to be pursued and reproduced by science and technology.

Based on such thought, we tried to analyze and reproduce the beauty of the black-and-white drawings by 3DOC technology and had a result of this work.

We insist that “Though Western civilization reached the limits, science itself did not at all. The greatly futile field of subjectively is now here in front of us.” So this work is our manifest that “Subject is the frontier which modern science should clear.”

The way of think for the world based on long lasted objective world is now on the limitation. Then, how can we consider the world? Did our ancestors actually have a tip to overcome the objective limitation?

Japanese ancestors have transformed the three-dimensional space to two-dimensional plain by original beauty expression. Changing three-dimensional space to two-dimension is mathematically, compressing the information volume. In the West, the space was expressed two-dimensionally by using objective rule such as representation of perspective drawings. However, Japanese ancestors seem to have compressed the space into two-dimension plain not by objective way but extremely subjective way. And the highest extent of compression seems to be the black-and-white drawings. Yes, the black-and-white drawings are the ultimately compressed space by extremely subjective human power.

If they compressed the space subjectively, our ancestors should have known that human sees the world subjectively. However, without knowing, the Western objective way of seeing is like everything. And our world started to disrupt into the objective world who people think rationally by their mind, and the subjective world who people feel it by their body. That does not mean going back to past. This is a challenge that integrates the disrupted world again by affirming all of civilization and science development.

How did people compress the world? How on earth people feel the ballottement and world view by such compressed expression and bold and simple line?

Is there some constant rule?

Making the three-dimensional virtual space made by computer into the artworks seemed like black-and-white drawings by using technology may be a tip for finding its structure. That is a new challenge to the technology which has developed in the conventional objective view.