Sliding through the Fruit Field

teamLab, 2016-, Interactive Digital Installation

Sliding through the Fruit Field

teamLab, 2016-, Interactive Digital Installation

This is a slide where fruit grows.

Various kinds of fruit are growing on the slope. Balls are also bouncing around.
You become the sunlight and slide down the slope. When your body collides with the balls, your sunlight energy will be transferred to them, and they will go flying off in all directions. When the balls collide with the fruit, the fruit will begin to grow.
Each ball has a different role depending on its color.

A light blue ball represents water: when this ball hits the seeds, they sprout, bud, and blossom. When a yellow honey bee ball hits the flowers, they are pollinated, and the flowers become fruit.
When the fruit is hit by a ball, new seeds are sown, leading to new life.

Background of Artwork

The Relationship of Fruit and Honey Bees

  • Flowers bloom from plants that bear fruit. The flowers’ nectar becomes food for many insects including honey bees. Most fruit-bearing plants cannot create fruits (and therefore seeds) and reproduce unless they are pollinated by insects. Many insects such as honey bees and butterflies live together with the plants.

  • Different life forms such as these collaborating and living together is a phenomenon known as “symbiosis”.

How to interact with the artwork

  • 1

    Slide down the incline.

  • 2

    When your body hits the balls, the balls will go flying.

  • 3

    The balls that are sent flying will hit parts of the vegetation, such as seeds and flowers, and make the plants grow.

  • 4

    The light blue balls are water.
    The yellow balls are honeybees.
    The black balls are contaminated trash.They make seeds disappear.

Skills Nurtured

  • Awareness of the Ecosystem
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Experimentation
  • Sense of Balance
  • Cooperation