Regarding entry

  • I will be late for the admission time.

    You can still enter teamLab Planets Tokyo if you arrive on site within the same day during open hours. Please ask a nearby staff at the venue.
    * Last admission is 1 hour before closing.

About Tickets

  • Can I change the admission date and time after purchasing tickets from the Ticket Store?

    If you purchased WEB tickets at teamLab Planets TOKYO's Ticket Store, you can change the entry date and time when there are still tickets remaining.

    However, date and time cannot be changed in the following cases.

    ・Tickets purchased through coupons
    ・If it’s already past 9:00 am of the day of admission
    ・When the date and time of the same ticket have been changed 3 times
    ・If you haven't returned your distributed QR tickets.
    ※ For information about how to return distributed QR tickets, click here.
    ・When the ticket type is different, or it is outside the sales period.

    To change the admission date and time, click the Change Admission Date and Time button displayed in the My Ticket section of the QR ticket you wish to change and follow the procedure.

  • About Cancellations, Refunds, and Repayment

    【I bought tickets at the Ticket Store, but am unable to go, I would like my tickets cancelled/refunded】

    Tickets cannot be cancelled or refunded once purchased.

    However, if you bought your tickets through our website, you can change the date and time of entry until 9:00 am of the day of admission.
    Please use the Change Admission Date and Time feature to change the time to your convenient time.
    See here for changes to the admission time and date

    【If I am unable to go to the venue due to emergency maintenance of the facilities, will the ticket I purchase be refunded?】

    We may refund tickets depending on the reason.
    We will inform you of the refund method in the following ways.

    ・teamLab Planets TOKYO Ticket Store
    ・teamLab Planets TOKYO Official website
    ・teamLab Planets TOKYO Official Facebook
    ・teamLab Planets TOKYO Official Twitter
    ・Send e-mail to the e-mail address at the time of purchase

  • About Prices & Payments

    【What payment methods are available at the Ticket Store?】

    The following payment methods are available when using teamLab Planets TOKYO Ticket Store.

    When Purchasing as a DMM Member

    ・Credit Card (Visa/JCB/American Express/Diners)
    *Cannot be paid for with DMM points.
    When Purchasing as a Guest (Not Logged in as a DMM Member)

    ・Credit Card (Visa/Master/JCB/American Express/Diners)
    ・UnionPay Card
    *The UnionPay card is the generic term for credit cards and debit cards that can use the inter-bank payment network run by China UnionPay (UnionPay, official name China UnionPay).
    When using UnionPay, you will be required to enter your UnionPay Card number on the UnionPay payment page.
    See here for the UnionPay official site

    We do not support paying in installments with credit or UnionPay cards.
    One-time payments accepted only.

    For details on credit card payments, see here

    【When is the payment for tickets from the Ticket Store made?】

    Payment will be made when your ticket purchase is complete.
    *Withdrawal after payment depends on the closing date of the credit card company, so please contact your card company.
    【Other than the ticket price, does the Ticket Store charge other fees, such as handling fees?】

    The Ticket Store does not charge any fees other than the ticket price.
    *Transportation as well as food and drink in the dining facilities at teamLab Planets TOKYO require a separate charge.
    【Does the Ticket Store issue receipts for purchased tickets?】

    Press the "Receipt" button displayed on the QR ticket to display the receipt screen.

    【Do prices listed at the Ticket Store include tax?】

    All prices listed include tax. If you want to check the amount of consumption tax, please check the receipt. Click here for how to issue a receipt

    【Are there any conditions for purchasing and using discount tickets for people with disabilities?】

    The [People with disabilities Ticket] is a ticket with a discount for people with disabilities, who can attest a disability certificate.

    For people using this ticket type, please make sure to buy the right ticket type, and prepare a certificate that you will have to show at the entrance.

    - Certificates accepted by teamLab Planets TOKYO :

    People with Physical disabilities, Intellectual disabilities, People with disabilities from WWII or any war casualties.

    Also, the special discount is available for one person accompanying the person with disabilities.
    *Only one person accepted.
    *The person has to enter the facilities in the same time as the person with disabilities. Otherwise, they won't be accepted inside the facilities.

  • Regarding same-day tickets and purchase of tickets at the venue

    At the venue, you can purchase your tickets either with cash or with a credit card. For the remaining number of same-day tickets, please check our website in advance.
    See here to check the ticket sales status


  • Other Questions

    For other questions, please click here.