2021.7.16(Fri) - 11.07(Sun)
Mifuneyama Rakuen Takeo Hot Springs, Kyushu

Outside Mifuneyama Rakuen

30 minutes befere before opening - 22:00
Location: Takeo Shrine (7 min walk from the Takeo Keirin Parking Lot, 17 min walk to Mifuneyama Rakuen)
* Due to Takeo City's policy, the artwork "The Sacred Tree" is illuminated only during certain hours.
* The Sacred Tree of Takeo Shrine (Takeo's Okusu Tree) itself can be seen during the daytime.

Inside Mifuneyama Rakuen


Ruins and Heritage, Others


A New Art and Sauna Experience

Take Alternating Hot and Cold Baths, Enter a Sauna Trance, Activate the Brain and Senses, then Experience Art in the Forest

This is a new art and sauna experience combining the “teamLab: A Forest Where Gods Live” exhibition and the Mifuneyama Rakuen Hotel Rakan Bath, the winner of SAUNACHELIN 2019 & 2020.
Combo tickets for a day trip to Rakan Bath and “teamLab: A Forest Where Gods Live” are available for 40 people per day, allowing visitors not staying at the Mifuneyama Rakuen Hotel or Onyado Chikurintei to take a sauna, then experience art in the forest. (*Reservation Required) Open your mind in a sauna surrounded by 3-million-year-old nature and 1,300 years’ worth of heritage. Reconnect with the continuity of the world and of time in 500,000 square meters of art spread across historic forests and gardens.

Open Your Mind in a Sauna Surrounded by the Forest and History, Become a Part of Nature and History, and Reconnect with the World

In the forest where the 3,000-year-old sacred Okusu tree resides, is a cave of five hundred Arhats carved 1,300 years ago by the Buddhist monk Gyoki. (*1) Next to the cave, visitors will open their brains in a sauna of history and forest, and walk through the art spread over 500,000 square meters of forest and a garden built in Edo.
(*1 ) The Tsukahara no Karafuro, one of the oldest existing saunas in Japan, is said to have been built by Gyoki, an ascetic who traveled all over Japan before building the Great Buddha in Nara, hoping to cure people of their illnesses. It is believed that Gyoki built saunas for people while practicing Buddhism all over the country.

Mifuneyama Rakuen Hotel Rakan Bath

The Rakan Bath, the winner of the SAUNACHELIN 2019 & 2020 Grand Prix, at Mifuneyama Rakuen Hotel have been completely renovated (both men's and women's). The men's bath now has a meditation sauna where guests can enjoy löyly (pouring hot water on sauna stones to produce steam, uses natural water from Mt. Mifune and roasted tea from Ureshino, Saga). The men's bath also has a cold water bath with hot spring water cooled to 16 degrees Celcius, and a large open-air bath/bathing space surrounded by the nature of Mt. Mifune.
The women's bath is also now equipped with a meditation sauna, allowing guests to enjoy löyly (uses natural water from Mt. Mifune) and Kugel (aroma balls that produce a scent when on top a sauna stove). It also has a cold water bath with hot spring water cooled to 17 degrees Celcius, a steam sauna, a cafe (has homemade pudding, detox water, etc.), and an open-air bath/bathing space surrounded by the nature of Mt. Mifune.


Before You Visit
* The venue is dark and has many rough roads. Wear comfortable shoes such as sneakers.
* To avoid mosquito bites, wear long sleeves and long pants to avoid skin exposure, and use insect repellent.
* The park is huge. Give yourself enough time to explore.

Venue Map
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Venue Details

VOLVO teamLab: A Forest Where Gods Live
2021.7.16(Fri) - 11.07(Sun)
teamLab: A Forest Where Gods Live
Jul 16 - Sep 13, 2021 19:00 - 22:30
Sep 14 - Oct 11, 2021 18:00 - 22:30
Oct 12 - Nov 7, 2021 17:00 - 22:30
* Enter through Entrance 1. Entrance 2 is also available 1 hour after the exhibition opens
* Enter before 22:00
* "The Sacred Tree" artwork can only be viewed on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, 30 minutes before opening until 22:00 outside Mifuneyama Rakuen at Takeo Shrine.
* Daytime Rakan Bath customers and EN TEA HOUSE - OTORO customers can view the "Ruptured Hotel Wall - Light Sculpture of Flames", "Life Survives by the Power of Life II", and "Forest and Spiral of Resonating Lamps" starting at 11:00.

Daytime "Rakan Bath"
Reservation Required / Fixed Capacity

July 16 - Sep 30, 2021
Session #1: 16:00 - 18:30 (Up to 10 Men / 10 Women)
Session #2: 18:30 - 21:00 (Up to 10 Men / 10 Women)
* You may enter the art exhibition after 18:30.

Oct 1 - Nov 7, 2021
Session #1: 15:00 - 17:30 (Up to 10 Men / 10 Women)
Session #2: 17:30 - 20:00 (Up to 10 Men / 10 Women)
* You may enter the art exhibition after 17:30.
* No overnight stay.
* You must be 16 years old or older to use the daytime "Rakan Bath".
* Groups of four or more people of the same sex are not allowed.
* Reservation can be made via phone or Official Ticket Page.
Open Daily
Map of Venue
Please see here.
Mifuneyama Rakuen
EN TEA House Genkatei
EN TEA House Otoro
Mifuneyama Rakuen Rakan Bath



Mifuneyama Rakuen
4100 Takeo, Takeo-cho, Takeo City, Saga

Adresse dans la langue locale:

access map Agrandir
By Train
From JR Hakata Station:
70 min by train to JR Takeo Onsen Station. Take a taxi (5 min) or a bus (8 min) to Mifuneyama Rakuen stop.

From JR Takeo Onsen Station:
5 min by taxi or 8 min by bus to Mifuneyama Rakuen stop.
By Air
From Nagasaki Airport: 40 min by car
From Saga Airport: 50 min by car
From Fukuoka Airport: 70 min by car
Mifuneyama Rakuen Temporary Parking Lot: 300 cars
Takeo Keirin Parking Lot: 900 cars
Other nearby parking lots: 900 cars
* Only when the Mifuneyama Rakuen Temporary Parking Lot is full, the Takeo Keirin Parking Lot opens.
Free Shuttle Bus
A free shuttle bus runs between Mifuneyama Rakuen Temporary Parking Lot, Takeo Keirin Parking Lot, and Mifuneyama Rakuen Entrance 2 on weekends.

Jul 16 - Sep 13, 2021 19:30 - 23:00
Sep 14 - Oct 11, 2021 18:30 - 23:00
Oct 12 - Nov 7, 2021 17:30 - 23:00

* Departs every 15 minutes.
* Does not run on weekdays.
* The shuttle bus does not stop at Mifuneyama Rakuen Entrance 1.
* Only when the Mifuneyama Rakuen Temporary Parking Lot is full, the Takeo Keirin Parking Lot opens and the bus starts running to/from the Takeo Keirin Parking Lot.



Regarding Entry

Entry may be restricted depending on crowds.

Due to time constraints, if the number of visitors exceeds capacity, entry may not be permitted.

Wheelchair & Stroller Access

The garden has natural trails that may be difficult to access with a wheelchair or stroller.

Accessible artworks include;

・"Drawing on the Water Surface Created by the Dance of Koi and Boats – Mifuneyama Rakuen Pond"

・"Floating Resonating Lamps - One Stroke"

・"Resonating Forest in the Ravine"

・"Resonating Forest - Cherry Blossoms and Maple"

・"Resonating Azalea Valley "

・"Resonating Mt. Mifuneyama"

・"Ever Blossoming Life Rock"

・"Flowers Bloom in an Infinite Universe inside a Teacup”

・"Forest and Spiral of Resonating Lamps - one stroke"


The organizers will not be held responsible for any injury, loss, or damage to personal items.

Trash Free Park

For environmental preservation, trash cans are not available in this park. Be prepared to take your trash home for disposal and recycling.

No Smoking

All parks and natural areas are strictly smoke and tobacco-free.


There are steep slopes and natural trails in this park. Visitors are advised to wear suitable clothing and footwear.

No Pets Allowed

No pets are allowed in the park. Service dogs are welcome.

Exhibition Suspended or Delayed Due to Weather

In case of strong rain and/or wind, the exhibition will be suspended. Please check the park's official website, facebook, or instagram for details.

Photography & Videography

Use of flash, drones and/or tripod inside the park is prohibited.


By entering this exhibition, you consent to having your image captured by official photographers and videographers. The resulting materials, including still photographs, video and audio recordings may be used by the Organizers or local promotional entities without restriction or financial compensation, in news materials, promotional materials, on the web and other properties.

Conditions for Usage of Day Trip Rakan Bath
Mifuneyama Rakuen Hotel reserves the right to refuse serving the guests that match the following descriptions;
* Groups of more than 4 same sex guests
* Guests under the age of 16 (for day trips)
* People who are, or are deemed to be, connected to criminal or antisocial gangs/organisations
* People with tattoos
* People who are excessively drunk
* People being loud and disruptive
* People with skin disorders or other transmissible conditions, and people forbidden from bathing by a doctor
* People experiencing a fever or significant sluggishness, people experience coughs, labored breathing or other symptoms of a respiratory condition, and people who are otherwise physically unwell
* People engaging in behavior that is disruptive or dangerous for other guests, and people acting unhygienically
* People deemed inappropriate to use our facilities
teamLab (f. 2001) is an international art collective. Their collaborative practice seeks to navigate the confluence of art, science, technology, and the natural world. Through art, the interdisciplinary group of specialists, including artists, programmers, engineers, CG animators, mathematicians, and architects, aims to explore the relationship between the self and the world, and new forms of perception.

In order to understand the world around them, people separate it into independent entities with perceived boundaries between them. teamLab seeks to transcend these boundaries in our perceptions of the world, of the relationship between the self and the world, and of the continuity of time. Everything exists in a long, fragile yet miraculous, borderless continuity.

teamLab exhibitions have been held in cities worldwide, including New York, London, Paris, Singapore, Silicon Valley, Beijing, and Melbourne among others. teamLab museums and large-scale permanent exhibitions include teamLab Borderless and teamLab Planets in Tokyo, teamLab Borderless Shanghai, and teamLab SuperNature Macao, with more to open in cities including Abu Dhabi, Beijing, Hamburg, Jeddah, and Utrecht.

teamLab’s works are in the permanent collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles; Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney; Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide; Asian Art Museum, San Francisco; Asia Society Museum, New York; Borusan Contemporary Art Collection, Istanbul; National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne; and Amos Rex, Helsinki.


Biographical Documents

teamLab is represented by Pace Gallery, Martin Browne Contemporary and Ikkan Art.
  • Organisateurs
    Mifuneyama Rakuen
  • Main Partner
    Volvo Car Japan

    Since the foundation, Volvo Cars has focused on safety as one of the core values of the company. And now we recognize that we are part of the problem of climate change and have a responsibility to act as a mobility provider. By reducing emissions across our entire value chain, we are aiming to become a climate-neutral company. By working towards climate-neutrality, embracing the circular economy and conducting our business operations responsibly, we help protect the planet and contribute to a fairer society.

    We believe that the exhibition “VOLVO teamLab: A Forest Where Gods Live” which expresses eternal continuous life by fusing nature and digital technology will give experience of the sustainable and innovative future that we aim for.
  • Partner

    GC Corporation, the manufacturer of dental products est. 1921 in TOKYO, supports art collective teamLab’s exhibition “VOLVO teamLab: A Forest Where Gods Live”. The venue, Mifuneyama Rakuen (Takeo Hot Springs, Kyushu) is a 500,000-square-meter park, filled with flowers and trees in all seasons, such as cherry blossoms and azaleas.

    Providing quality products to more than 100 countries, GC has been contributing to an improvement of oral health of people around the world for over a 100 year. GC’s ultimate goal is to share the joy of staying healthy with people all over the world regardless of race, gender, age and nationality by providing GC products.

    We hope that teamLab's concept of "borderless continuity with the world" and our company's philosophy of "contributing to the world through oral health" will resonate with each other to spread the Well-Being and allow people to experience healthy living in nature while enjoying art.

    Please try to find the GC, when you visit a dental office next time.
  • Special Thanks
    Saga Television Station