Giant Connecting Block Town Future Park

teamLab, 2017-, Interactive Digital Installation, Sound: Hideaki Takahashi



Giant Connecting Block Town

teamLab, 2017-, Interactive Digital Installation, Sound: Hideaki Takahashi

Place giant building blocks of houses, stations and buildings to create a town. Watch the town come to life with roads, railways and waterways connecting the blocks.

When blocks of the same kind are lined up, vehicles will move along the routes created. Connect more blocks and the vehicles will evolve.

The town has a river running through it. When it rains, the river floods and the water runs into the town. Place a water block on top of the river and link it to the sea using more water blocks. This enables you to stop the river from flooding.

Contesto dell’opera

Waterways and Transportation

  • The creation of cities and flood control

    The creation of cities and countries is deeply related to the history of construction done by humans to prevent the overflowing of rivers. Firstly, civilization started by cultivating crops using river floods. Because of crop cultivation, cities were made, but rivers overflow when rain falls. In order to maintain the cities, there was a need to construct something that would prevent flooding.It is thought that countries were formed to gather many people to work.

  • Preventing flood disasters is called “flood control.”

  • City development and transport

    Transporting crops and goods from town to town was extremely important for human progress. In the past, roads were built and transport was carried out by people and horses. However, rivers started being used by ships with more transporting power than horses to transport goods. Through the linking of towns by the river, each town developed. In more modern times, humans desired a newer transportation method, which is why they built railways for trains, and roads for cars to be driven on, connecting towns.