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聖誕進行時 小城繽紛光影


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'It Stinks': NGV's new Triennial exhibition touches all senses

This summer's National Gallery of Victoria exhibition looks, feels and smells a little different.
Melbourne's premier art gallery has cemented a reputation for big blockbuster shows from Van Gogh, Monet and Dali to Andy Warhol but the inaugural Triennial exhibition brings together 100 leading artists from 32 countries across contemporary art, design and architecture.(本文抜粋) にて、取り上げられました。(Dec 12, 2017)


「もっとも面白いアート集団」と海外誌からも絶賛されるチームラボ。プログラマ、エンジニア、CGアニメーターなど、様々な分野のスペシャリストから構成されているウルトラテクノロジスト集団は、これまでにも多くのデジタルアートを生み出してきました。(Excerpt from the text)

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V&A Waterfront shares festive December line-up

From Thursday, 14 December to Sunday, 30 December 2017, the V&A Waterfront will feature and exciting lineup of festive entertainment and cheer. The property will be packed with gift-wrapping stations, feature Christmas shows and have extended shopping hours for visitors to make their experience more magical.(Excerpt from the text)