Time Out に、掲載。(May 11, 2021)

This extraordinary teamLab exhibition in a Kyushu forest is returning this summer

It seems like teamLab is everywhere this year, bringing some much-needed light and fun to these dark pandemic days. The world-conquering digital art collective has just unveiled an installation in a soy sauce storehouse, not to mention its temporary digital art sauna in Roppongi.

For an outdoor and social distancing-friendly option, the 500,000sqm Mifuneyama Rakuen Park in Kyushu’s Taeko Onsen town is hosting teamLab’s annual summer-autumn installation, ‘A Forest Where Gods Live’. The new pieces of indoor and outdoor art meld Kyushu’s lush forest with teamLab’s signature lighting and projections. (Excerpt from the text)

the japan times に、掲載。(May 7, 2021)

Japan's premier art collective teamLab celebrates 20 years with a spot of tea and a Miami bash

These words seem apt when visiting “Teamlab: Tea Time in the Soy Sauce Storehouse,” the latest work from digital art collective teamLab, which will run through March 2022. Like much of teamLab’s creative output, “Teamlab: Tea Time’’ relies on how visitors react to the environment they create.(Excerpt from the text)

Superblue Miami opens with show featuring teamLAB, Es Devlin and James Turrell

Miami’s newest art museum Superblue is throwing open its doors with an immersive inaugural exhibition Every Wall is a Door – which includes new works by a trio of big-name artists and designers.

Ticket-holders can experience giant digital flowers blooming on walls, courtesy of teamLAB, as well as one of James Turrell’s Ganzfield works – which immerse viewers in solid colour. His installations have been known to provoke sensory deprivation as well as hallucinations. (Excerpt from the text)

JAPAN TODAY に、掲載。(2021年4月25日)

TeamLab’s new interactive tea art installation dazzles Japan with reactive, rhythmic lights

TeamLab’s latest venture, Tea Time in the Soy Sauce Storehouse, is set in the Fukuoka Soy Sauce Gallery, a historic former soy sauce warehouse in Okayama City of Okayama Prefecture. Within its shadowy spaces TeamLab has set a host of lamps afloat in the inky blackness, creating an eerie and beautiful backdrop that you yourself can influence with your actions.(Excerpt from the text)

SORA NEWS 24 に、掲載。(Apr 22, 2021)

TeamLab’s new interactive tea art installation dazzles Japan with reactive, rhythmic lights

TeamLab’s Tea Time in the Soy Sauce Storehouse brings a whole new meaning to the term “tea light”.
TeamLab has been making quite a stir in Japan’s art scene since their art collective formed in 2001. Their interactive pop-up installations have wowed thousands with how they seamlessly blend technology and real life, using filigrees of filtered light to create gardens, kaleidoscopic corridors, ocean scenes, and dazzling halls of mirrors. (Excerpt from the text)

The Economist に、掲載。(Apr 17, 2021)

A change in how people consume contemporary art is under way

Across all four walls of a vast hall, Vincent van Gogh’s blue irises begin to sway. They bloom gently at first, then more violently, as the music builds to a crashing crescendo. Visitors to “Immersive Van Gogh” (pictured), now showing at a former music venue in San Francisco, sit or stand in socially distant circles on the floor, their bodies bathed in the glow of these animated laser projections. (Except from the text)

Spa Business に、掲載。(Apr 15, 2021)

Sauna trance: art and sauna bathing collide at mesmerising new Tokyo art exhibition

Global art collective teamLab has combined art and sauna to offer an immersive exhibition in Roppongi, Tokyo, called teamLab & TikTok, teamLab Reconnect: Art with Rinkan Sauna Roppongi.
Running until the end of August 2021, the dynamic and interactive sensory exhibition invites guests to view mesmerising artworks while in a meditative state called a sauna trance, brought on by contrast bathing cycles. (Excerpt from the text)

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猪子寿之が考えるアートはいつも想像をはるかに超えてくる。近年の関心事はエネルギーの秩序だと話していたが、サウナと融合するなんて誰が考えただろう。その頭の中を覗かせてもらおうと『チームラボ&TikTok, チームラボリコネクト:アートとサウナ 六本木』について話を聞いた。(本文抜粋)

Time Out に、掲載。(Apr 9, 2021)

The outdoor digital monolith at teamLab Planets Tokyo has changed into a pillar of fire

There’s plenty of teamLab to go around. Whether you’re travelling to Okayama or just chilling at home, you have lots of ways to interact with the art collective's inimitable works. Last July, teamLab Planets Tokyo in Toyosu debuted their monolith-like sculpture showcasing a digital waterfall. Titled ‘Universe of Water Particles Falling from the Sky’, the sculpture is right outside the museum and free for anyone to see. (Excerpt from the text)