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teamLab Planets in Tokyo Opens a Dining Experience, an Art Space, and a Flower Shop on October 8

TOKYO, September 27, 2021--(BUSINESS WIRE)--teamLab Planets TOKYO in Toyosu, Tokyo welcomes "Vegan Ramen UZU Tokyo" from Kyoto; a new artwork space; and a flower shop where visitors can take home the orchids used in one of the museum’s artworks. "Vegan Ramen UZU Kyoto" opened in Kyoto in March of 2020, becoming hugely popular with hour-long wait times. At "Vegan Ramen UZU Tokyo," vegan ramen can be enjoyed in the Reversible Rotation - Non-Objective Space or Table of Sky and Fire artwork spaces.(Excerpt from the text)

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Floating flower garden in Tokyo uses 13,000 live orchids and modern technology to make magic happen

Although teamLab is known for mixing technology with art through interactive LEDs, projections, and soundscapes, their newest installation uses the real thing. Unveiled during the summer, the installation is made up of over 13,000 living orchids that are suspended from the ceiling. The flowers grow along near-invisible wires to give the impression that they’re floating in mid-air.

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A Floating Flower Garden in Tokyo Immerses Visitors With Orchids That Move as You Approach (WATCH)

A three-dimensional mass of floating flowers created by teamLab in Japan has been moving visitors not only with its technological magic, but with its overwhelming natural beauty. In this work called Flowers and I are of the Same Root, the Garden and I are One, people immerse themselves in the flowers, becoming one with the garden, says teamLab. (Excerpt from the text)

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The world of Borderless: teamLab

In the exhibition spaces of teamLab’s Borderless Museum in Tokyo, boulder-sized flower petals twirl and flit in infinite space, encapsulating visitors as they lay on a mirrored floor. Bushels of animated cherry blossoms sprout as patrons press their palms on the gallery walls, creating an entire self-contained ecosystem with the help of other visitors. In these rooms, with floors and walls shrouded in light projections and mirrors, space becomes boundless, and time feels limitless. (Excerpt from the text)

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‘After Hope: Videos of Resistance’ and ‘TeamLab: Continuity’ at the Asian Art Museum

“TeamLab: Continuity” consists of 14 movement-sensitive artworks, filling the gallery space in a hyper-response to human activity, and transforming visitors into participants. The digital animation’s reactive algorithm responds to the locations and movements of the museumgoers as they move through space, creating a kind of artistic fingerprint of that particular moment. (Excerpt from the text)

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Hamburg getting Europe's largest climate-neutral digital museum

teamLab - interdisciplinary artists' collective The Digital Art Museum is now being built on a 7,000 square metre area with 10-metre high ceilings in eastern HafenCity in Hamburg. This huge space is set to become Europe's largest and climate-neutral museum. Various measures will ensure the museum's carbon footprint remains zero.(Excerpt from the text)

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TeamLab Is Coming to Germany – Immersive art enthusiasts rejoice. The wildly popular exhibition “teamLab: Borderless” is coming to Hamburg’s brand new Digital Art Museum in 2024 with more than 7,000 square meters of exhibition space under soaring 33-foot-high ceilings. The Tokyo-based immersive installation welcomed 2.3 million visitors in a single year, and was named one of TIME‘s greatest places in the world to visit.(Excerpt from the text)

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デジタルアート集団「チームラボ」は、さまざまな仕事をこなしている。東京で2つの美術館を運営しているだけでなく、新感覚のサウナやレストラン、岡山にあるしょうゆ醸造所でのインスタレーションなど、日本各地でデジタルアートを使った挑戦をしているのだ。 さらに豊洲にあるチームラボプラネッツ トウキョウの屋外フードスタンドが、2021年10月8日(金)に大規模リニューアルすることが決定した。京都発、ヴィーガンラーメン ウズ キョウト(Vegan Ramen UZU KYOTO)のラーメンをチームラボの新たなアート空間で食べられるという、ユニークな体験が楽しめる施設へと生まれ変わる。(本文抜粋)