teamLab: Digitized Lakeside and Forest

2018.12.01(Sat) - 2019.3.03(Sun)
Metsä village 사이타마


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전시 명
teamLab: Digitized Lakeside and Forest
2018.12.01(Sat) - 2019.3.03(Sun)
2018.12.01 (Sat) - 2019.2.11 (Mon)
17:30 - 21:00 (Last Entry at 20:00)

2019.2.12 (Tue) - 3.03 (Sun)
18:00 - 21:00 (Last Entry at 20:00)
2018.12.31 (Mon) - 2019.1.02 (Wed)
Adult (13 and Older)
Weekdays: JPY 1,000
Weekends and Holidays: JPY 1,200

Children (4 to 12 years old)
Weekdays: JPY 500
Weekends and Holidays: JPY 600
* 3 years-old and younger are free

Available at:
The Venue
Loppi (ticket selling machine) at Lawson or Ministop (Ⅼ Code: 34123)
Lawson Ticket:
Nippon TV Online Ticket:
Media Cooperation
Please inquire from the form below.
* Regarding accessibility
Please note that the garden has natural walking paths that can be difficult to access with a wheelchair or stroller.
Works you can appreciate are: "Floating, Resonating Spheres".

* About valuables
Guests are responsible for their own belongings.
The organizer is not responsible in the unlikely event of theft or loss.

* About injuries
The organizer is not responsible for accidents or injuries occurring in the park.

* About garbage
Please cooperate and take your own garbage home with you.
* About tobacco
Smoking and open flames inside the park are strictly prohibited. We appreciate your cooperation in not smoking.

* About clothing
Please note there are steep slopes, stairs, and rough trails in the park. For your safety please wear comfortable clothes and shoes that allow ease of movement.

* About pets
You can take your pet with pet carrier or carrier sling to “Digitized Lakeside and Forest” area. Small dog’s carrier for free rental are available in information counter. (There are limited numbers.)

* About suspension due to bad weather
We will make a decision in the case of light rain. In the case of extreme weather, such as a typhoon, the exhibition will be suspended. For details, please check the official HP of Metsa Village and SNS (Facebook, Instagram).

* About photography and video
Flash photography and the use of drones in the park are prohibited. Please also refrain from using a tripod, as it will interfere with other visitors.

* Other Cautions
This exhibition is for ticket holders only. Without a ticket for Metsa Village area you cannot see the exhibition.

Please note that in the event of photo shooting by the organizer, guests may be subject to the photo shooting, and the images may be used for promotional purposes, including reports on the event and advertising.

Re-entry into the exhibit is prohibited.

Ticket purchases cannot be canceled or changed.

Due to congestion, admission is limited. Due to time limits, if we exceed number of people, we may be unable to admit everyone who wants. Thank you for your understanding.

Please note that the contents are subject to sudden variations.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Organizers: teamLab: Digitized Lakeside and Forest Executive Committee
Supporters: OKUMUSASIHANNO Tourism Corporate Association

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Metsä village
327-6 metsa, Miyazawa, Hanno City, Saitama, Japan

By Public Transportation
Metsa Village can be accessed via bus from “Hanno Station”.
- Take Seibu Ikebukuro Line to “Hanno Station”. *Red Arrow Limited Express recommended.
- At Hanno Station, take North Exit.
- From Bus Stop #1, take either Seibu Bus bound for “Metsa” OR Eagle Bus bound for “Musashi Takahagi Station”.
- Get off at “Metsa Stop”. Bus takes approximately 13 min.

By Car
- From Sayama Hidaka Interchange: 12 min via Route 262
- From Ome Interchange: 30 min via Route 218
- From Hanno Station North Exit: 10 min to Miyazawa Lake Entrance
*Parking available via reservation. Visit Metsa Village website for more info.

By Taxi
Seibu Taxi Reservation: +81 42 972 8180



티켓 구매

아트 컬렉티브 teamLab은 2001년 활동을 시작했다. 국경을 넘어선 연대 속에 집단 창작의 방식으로 예술, 과학, 테크놀로지 그리고 자연계의 교차점을 학제적 접근으로 모색한다. 아티스트, 프로그래머, 엔지니어, CG 애니메이터, 수학자, 건축가 등 다양한 분야의 전문가들로 구성된 teamLab은 예술을 통해 인간과 자연, 개인과 세계의 새로운 관계를 탐구하고 표현한다.

teamLab은 우리에게 익숙한 모든 경계에 대해 질문한다. 인간은 각자를 둘러싼 바깥 세상을 감각 기관으로 인지해 스스로와 분리하고 낱낱을 경계지어 독립체로 구분하려 한다. 현대 문명은 그런 방식으로 세계를 이해해 왔다. teamLab은 예술을 통해 감각을 확장하고 개인과 세계의 경계, 시간의 연속성에 대한 인지의 경계를 넘어설 수 있다고 믿는다. 이 세계의 모든 것은 광대한 시간 속에, 생명의 끝없는 연속 안에 가까스로, 하지만 기적적으로 존재하고 있다.

teamLab의 작품은 시드니 뉴사우스웨일스 주립 미술관, 애들레이드 사우스오스트레일리아 미술관, 샌프란시스코 아시아 미술관, 뉴욕 아시아 소사이어티, 이스탄불 보루산 현대 미술관, 멜버른 빅토리아 국립 미술관, 헬싱키 아모렉스가 영구 소장하고 있다.

teamLab is represented by Pace Gallery, Martin Browne Contemporary and Ikkan Art.

Biographical Documents
  • 주최자
    teamLab: Digitized Lakeside and Forest Executive Committee
  • 후원
    OKUMUSASIHANNO Tourism Corporate Association, NACK5