About Ticket

  • Are same-day tickets available?

    During the exhibition period, same-day tickets will be sold at the venue ticket office near the Ishikawamon Information Booth in Kanazawa Castle Park, the Kanazawa Station Tourist Information Center, and the Kanazawa Central Tourist Information Center. In order to avoid the crowds at the ticket office, we recommend purchasing tickets in advance. If not sold out, tickets can still be purchased on the day via the official ticket website.

  • Where can I buy tickets?

    1. Via the official ticketing website
    Credit cards are accepted.

    2. Via ticket agencies
    The following ticket agencies accept cash and other payment methods. Please refer to the respective agency for more information.
    -Hokkoku Shimbun Reader Service Center
    -Ishikawa Ongakudo Ticket Box
    -Kanazawa Station Tourist Information Center (Same day tickets only)
    -Kanazawa Central Tourist Information Center (Same day tickets only)

    3. Venue
    Only same day tickets are available, which may sell out.
    Only cash is accepted.

  • Can I change or cancel the date of my ticket?

    In general, tickets cannot be canceled or changed once purchased. However, the date can be changed for tickets directly purchased from the official ticketing website. The date of the ticket may be changed up to 3 times. To do so, select 'Change ticket date' displayed on the QR ticket and follow the procedure. Changes can be made up to 20:45 of the indicated date.

    The ticket date cannot be changed in the following cases:
     - The date has already been changed 3 times
     - Changing to a different type of ticket
     - Changing to date that has sold out or has insufficient tickets left
     - Changing the date for a portion of tickets within a multiple-ticket purchase
     - Changing to multiple dates within a multiple-ticket purchase
     - Changing to a date with a different price

  • Do I need to print my ticket?

    1. If you own a smartphone, tablet, or similar device
    You do not need to print your ticket. Access the URL from your confirmation email and display the ticket screen at the entrance.

    2. If you do not own a smartphone, tablet, or similar device
    Print your ticket from the "Print your ticket" button.

  • Where can I view my purchased tickets?

    Tickets purchased from the official ticketing website can be viewed from the URL in your confirmation email (subject: [teamLab: Digitized Kanazawa Castle] Ticket purchase completed).
    If you have not received this email, please contact us via the contact form here.
    Please refrain from sending the ticket URL to third-parties.

  • What should I do if I haven't received the confirmation email?

    If you haven't received your confirmation email, please consider the following cases:
    1. The email has been filtered and stored in a folder other than your inbox.
    2. The address @teamlabticket.com is blocked on your server. In this case, please change your settings.

    Please contact us via the contact form if the above cases do not apply.

Regarding entry

  • Will the exhibition be held in the rain?

    Yes, but in the case of particularly bad weather, the exhibition will be suspended. For details, please check this website and the Ishikawa National Cultural Festival 2023 official website.

  • Can junior high school students and younger enter the festival alone?

    Junior high school students may enter unaccompanied. Elementary school students must be accompanied by an adult.

  • Are there any admission restrictions?

    In order to alleviate congestion in the venue, admission may be restricted.

Regarding the venue

  • Are parking lots available?

    There are no parking lots available. If you are coming by car, please use a nearby pay parking lot.

  • Are there restrooms in the venue?

    You can use the Tsurunomaru Rest House, Park Management Center, and restrooms in Sannomaru Kita Park.