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Media Block Chair

teamLab, 2012-, Interactive Installation

Media Block Chair

teamLab, 2012-, Interactive Installation

This installation consists of three male-connection and three female-connection light cube chairs. Each cube, or block, is a stand-alone chair. The interconnecting blocks can be joined to make a bench, another piece of furniture, or a wall. When the blocks are joined, information passes from one block to another and their color changes.

Children freely join the blocks to change the design and color of the space. Their actions alone, especially those that change the form and function of the blocks, change the space and give enjoyment. This is the concept of new value in behavior.


  • 1

    Fit the interlocking blocks together.

  • 2

    Fit the blocks together and they change color.

  • 3

    Join and stack lots of blocks and enjoy the color changes.


  • Creativity, Power of Expression
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Experimentation