Featured on designboom, June 23, 2022

teamLab's new multi-sensory immersive art space in abu dhabi is 'home to infinite curiosity'

Interdisciplinary Tokyo-based collective teamLab unveils teamLab Phenomena, a multi-sensory immersive art venue in Abu Dhabi. Developed in collaboration with the Department of Culture and Tourism and Miral, the Emirate’s leading creator of destinations and experience, the project takes shape as a 17,000 sqm space that combines art and technology, sparking curiosity, imagination, and creativity in all who visit. (Excerpt from the text)

Featured on Hype Art, June 23, 2022

teamLab Visualizes Life as an Uninterrupted Flow of Energy

teamLab is usually known for their ethereal installations that often pit visitors in an otherworldly settings. Comprised of a team of architects, engineers, programmers and artists, the collective’s latest exhibition is noticeably different. For the first time, teamLab will be presenting work in Geneva and will distill their reach to the realm of digital art. (Excerpt from the text)

Featured on Smithsonian MAGAZINE, June 16, 2022

Eight Works of Art in Unlikely Places

Using digital technology like projections and lighting design, teamLAB, a cutting-edge Japanese art collective, transports visitors to otherworldly places from its museum in Tokyo. In a current exhibition called Planets, viewers can become one with nature, walking barefoot through a field of flowers in one mirrored gallery, while in another, spirals of kaleidoscopic colors pool up from the floor. (Excerpt from the text)

Featured on designboom, June 9, 2022

teamLab visualizes flows of energy in new digital artworks at pace gallery in geneva

Lines swirl and expand across the screen in a new series of dynamic digital artworks unveiled by teamLab at Pace Gallery in Geneva. Titled Dissipative Figures, the five monitor-based works speak to the transmission of energy that occurs between the body and its surroundings, particularly when in motion, such as a flock of birds flapping their wings in flight or a human body running through space.(Excerpt from the text)

Featured on Meer, August 16, 2021

Digital Art in the infinite Universe

TeamLab, an international art collective interdisciplinary group of artists, architects, engineers, mathematicians, and ultra-technologists may have been trying to achieve just that. The innovative group has been experimenting on the boundless relationship between humans and the physical world through the technology of art, light, colors, motion, sound, sensations, and science. It attempts to extrapolate a futuristic form of human expression that can be freed from physical constraints. A three-dimensional space can connect the viewers to the artworks by immersing their behavior and movement with the installation’s kinetic energy, as opposed to the conventional method of viewing art from a flat plane.(Excerpt from the text)