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What's new in Japan, from theme parks to museums

1. TeamLAB on the move Ceilings lined with living orchids, wading ponds with darting fish — art collective teamLab is known for its immersive exhibitions. Its base in Tokyo Bay’s Odaiba island closed last summer, but this autumn it will relocate to the capital’s new Azabudai Hills, an ambitious multi-use urban development.(Excerpt from the text)

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tokyo's digital art scene immerses tradition into modernity: must-see openings in 2023-24

DIGITAL ART EXHIBITIONS & MUSEUMS THRILL AUDIENCES IN TOKYO As traditional arts and crafts of Japan evolve into the future, modern designs from the country and its creatives continue to honor historical roots. Artists and artisans explore innovative techniques, materials, and themes while preserving the essence of Japanese tradition. Exemplifying both these creatives and creations, Tokyo Metropolitan Government introduces some of the must-see digital art exhibitions in Tokyo for 2023-24. Various openings are bound to thrill audiences, including an interactive dance-performance, and the heavily anticipated teamLab Borderless museum’s new venue that immerses visitors into an infinite digital realm.(Excerpt from the text)

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designboom visits teamLab's Planets TOKYO new additions to their body-immersive museum

teamLab Planets Tokyo is the digital art museum founded by the international art collective teamLab, located in Toyosu, Tokyo. The concept behind Planets is body-immersive: interactive installations that bring people physically inside the imagination of teamLab. Art has always privileged sight over other senses, and through the various installations in Planets, teamLab aims to transform art from something to be experienced visually to something to be experienced with the entire body. Visitors can expect to walk through knee-high water and lie beneath a sky of digital flowers.(Excerpt from the text)

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TeamLab museum invites deep thinking about the world we live in

Art and technology are interlinked more than ever before, with the advancement of technology revolutionizing the way artists create and the way we experience art. With little to no boundaries, the immersive art realm in the modern era has reached new heights, with teamLab leading the global trend. The Vibe's Louisa Lee takes us on an immersive journey at teamLab Massless Beijing, where we are invited to think deep about the world we live in.(Excerpt from the text)

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Galaxy & teamLab: Catching and Collecting in the Dinosaur Forest

Step into an enchanted digital forest in this collaborative exhibition between teamLab and Galaxy. Now in its third iteration, the interactive experience is based on the concept of catching different digital creatures to study them before releasing them back into their habitat. As it's a digital art experience, you'll be using an app on the Galaxy smartphone to collect different prehistoric animals in the mystical forest.(Excerpt from the text)