Best of Singapore Art Exhibitions in 2012

Featured on ARTINFO, Dec 24, 2012

SINGAPORE – For visual arts in Singapore, 2012 will likely be remembered as the year Gillman Barracks opened, a cluster of new art galleries. But beyond this government-led opening, many other new international galleries independently also found their way to the city-state attesting to the interest in the region. Meanwhile, the quality of the exhibitions on offer also seems to go from strength to strength. Within one month this fall, Richard MacDonald, Bernar Venet, Richard Deacon, and Zadok Ben-David were all in town opening separate shows.

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"The Experience Machine" at Ikkan Art Gallery
The immersive exhibition of new media art allowed viewers the opportunity to interact with and contribute to many artworks. Of particular note was "What a Loving, and Beautiful World" by Japanese calligrapher Sisyu and teamLab an interactive animation installation where slowly falling kanji (the characters used in Japan) for words like ‘rain,’ ‘flower’ and ‘butterfly’ transform when touched by a viewer’s shadow to become the image of the word they represent while a corresponding sound is heard.