Japan Pavilion awarded best exhibition prize at Milan expo

Featured on KYODO NEWS, 2015/10/31

Japan Pavilion awarded best exhibition prize at Milan expo
The Japan Pavilion received the gold prize for best exhibition Friday at Expo Milan 2015, on the eve of the six-month-long event’s final day.

With a theme of “Harmonious Diversity,” the Japanese exhibit showcased the country’s traditional culinary culture, including foods cooked with fermentation methods, as well as its agricultural, forestry and fisheries technological know-how.

The Japanese center also included interactive displays presenting potential solutions to global issues, such as how to achieve sustainable food supplies, at the world exposition held under the theme of “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.”

The pavilion was one of the most popular venues at the expo, with visitors needing to wait for up to 10 hours for entry on some days.

The prizes, presented by the International Exhibitions Bureau, which oversees the organization of international expos, were awarded in three categories — architecture, exhibition design and theme — based on the size of pavilion.

The Japanese facility was recognized for a harmonious combination of nature and technological innovation in the large-scale exhibitions category.

Tatsuya Kato, the pavilion’s commissioner general who received the prize, said, “We had a sense of being well received by visitors.”

Of around 140 participating countries and international organizations, more than 50 have set up their own pavilions to promote diverse gastronomical culture and address global challenges such as famine and food safety.


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