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Up to My Eyeballs in Art at Superblue

Featured on The New York Times, Mar 18, 2021

Feeling a little like Alice in Wonderland as gigantic digital images of red, white and cream-colored dahlias budded, bloomed and shattered on the wall in front of me, I dithered over what I was witnessing. Is this a forward step in the march of modernism or a debasement of art into theme-park entertainment?

The dazzling floral extravaganza by teamLab, a digital art collective based in Tokyo, is the dynamic centerpiece of an inaugural exhibition at Superblue, a Miami “experiential art center” (or an E.A.C. to initiates) that begins invitational previews next week before opening to the public on April 22. Backed by the juggernaut Pace Gallery and Laurene Powell Jobs’s Emerson Collective, Superblue is the blue-chip contestant in the rapidly growing field of immersive art.(Excerpt from the text)

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