The Display with a see-through-bag on the interactive hanger

Featured on SHOTENKENCHIKU, May 1, 2011

Reebok Cafe” opened on late November 2010 at Roppongi Hills for limited period. It was chosen to the way that displayed same company’s shoes with a see-through-bag on the hanger in the exhibition space next to the café. Each of colorful shoes was wrapped with a see-through-bag on the long-straight hanger pipe brought out from the white wall. If you grab the hanger and put it up from the pipe, a movie of the goods that you are holding will show up on the display hanging on the wall.

The company that made this design is teamLab, having activities in various wayslike branding, marketing, art, entertainment and so on. This company has already created this unique hanger; named “teamLabHanger,” that links to a movie and many apparel stores has already been using this hanger. If you take up the hanger, the hook that is pulled by the hanger pipe becomes back to original position, and the switch in the hanger turns on. A signal from circuit in the hanger is transferred to the system that shows up the picture of goods on the display in the store. “The goods you pick up is registered and displays the information or coordinate by itself. Until now, a mannequin or the sales person wears their clothes and assist their sales, but you don’t have to care about the space to show the information of goods during a real time period on this system.” as Gaku Kudo of teamLab says. “And it can be connected to the network, so you can have marketing data you hasn’t had so far like when the goods are picked up and it is sold after that.”

The display on this time is the result of this developed teamLabHanger. It was a usual way to display shoes putting them in a row on a shelf so far. But they suggest putting shoes in a see-through-bag and hooking on the hanger. They request Nukeme, a creator of hats and accessories, to make a see-through-bag. They have done all of making process from patterning to sewing. “We wanted it to be as a simple shape as possible and a see-though type as clean as we can see shoes clearly.” From this request, we made and tested lots of type. They say that they cut the pattern to a real size, saw the see-through vinyl with machine-sawing thread made by polyester, and put these on the hanger to test. At the result, the shape becomes like a Boston bag wears roundness. The closing part of bag is on top to have fewer wrinkles, and they try to have less sawing parts to get better transparency. The way to fix this to the hanger is opening the top part, putting the hanger inside of it, and then caulking to fix on two parts on the top.

Thus, the all of 25 see-through hangers are completely created. Shogo Kawata who manages interior design says, “It could possibly create to have unique feeling of floating,” and “also easy to have the display on the wall to people’s sight.” For his desire, the display screens are surrounded by wooden frames and stand out from the wall on the purpose.