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A reception system that lets you see the faces of all members of staff
FaceTouch is a reception system that displays photos of your employee's faces on your touch panel display and calls when clients touch the appointed person's photo. Calls are sent through permanent* PC applications or emails to cellphones, notifying the person directly. In the information society, human connections are increasing through the likes of social networks and it can be come difficult to remember everybody’s name. With FaceTouch if you remember a person’s face you can retrieve information about them. This is a new way of communication suitable for a new generation of people using social media.

*Messenger of the original application Unlike typical applications, it can only be used to call members of staff so there is no fear of an information leak.

No hesitation when looking for personnel
Even if you do not know the name or department you can search for a person with whom you have an appointment from their photo only. You can also search for personnel from their name or department.
Intuitive, simple operation
Touch the photographic portrait of the person you want to call. Does not require any difficult operation.
Get to know more about the company
Visitors can get to know a member of staff and what kind of staff are in the company through the profile that is also displayed with the photographs.

Traditional reception
Phone Reception
A fixed phone in a company's entrance gives an old-fashioned impression that the company is not up-to-date. It's not cool to have a piece of paper with employee extension numbers written on it beside the phone; nor is it correct to assume that the visitor will remember the employee’s name.

Unmanned Reception System
Uncool and unthinkable. That uncool image will be projected out into the world.

With Receptionists
The common reception scenario presumes that a visitor will remember an employee's full name and department details.
Receptionist "May I ask which Mr. Tanaka you are looking for?"
Visitor "Ummm, I think Mr. Tanaka working in the Digital something department."
Receptionist "We dont have any department called Digital something department..."
like this, there are times we have trouble when others are not as flexible as expected. The era of being happy for cute receptionist girls is over. And when taking a bullet train ride, not all people want to buy tickets at the ticket counter. Some people prefer buying it at the ticket machine. Facetouch will let you choose by face, even if you don't know their name, It will be convenient if it was next to the reception desk.

Reception flow ? Call
face touch teamLab
1. Choose the person
Choose the person you want to call from the list of staff and touch their photo. You can also find a person by sorting the people by name or department.

face touch teamLab
2. Display profile
The employee’s profile will be displayed. You can learn about a member of staff, such as their home town, hobbies and skills, these things help you get to know them and serve as a talking point for when you meet them.

face touch teamLab
3. Start calling
When you touch the call button, the call is initiated.

facetouch teamLab
4. Receive notification call
The call notification will be transferred by the messenger application that is installed on the employee’s PC. The employee can also receive mail at the time of the call. If you set up a web camera at the reception you can see the visitor in the web cam image.

face touch teamLab
5. Response is displayed
If the employee enters a message such as "I will pick you up immediately!" the message appears on the display.

face touch teamLab
In the case that a person is absent
If a person does not respond within a certain period of time, the call is transferred back to the office. They can respond on your behalf. The Back-office personnel can be set to more than one person.

Data can be easily entered from a browser

Registration and data-editing and department employees, and various settings, can be carried out from the management screen on the web browser. User authority can be set as either a general user or as administrator.

Profile registration
Change personal settings
Changing the password

Registration user information (staffs)
Registration of the department information
Time to transfer to back-office
Time until the call times out and additional etc

Choose display pattern 
The number of rows of photos on the reception screen can be changed in the management screen. If you have few staff, it is better to introduce them one by one with large photos. If you have many staff, we recommend you display small photos of them to make searching easier.

face touch teamLab 

face touch teamLab

face touch teamLab