teamLab, 2006, Shelf


teamLab, 2006, Shelf

Shelving whose parts are separate octagons, so that when you want a layout change, you can combine the parts you need, and put them together with your own hands to make whatever shape you like. On each octagonal part, there is a Tokyo motif picture.

Through different combinations of parts, you can create a variety of city streets.

We think that in this age of information, space design should be more movable, and more organic.

Society in this information era moves, becoming more complex, at ultra high speed.

Since it makes little sense to share office space just because you are in the same department, wouldn't it be better to share space by designating it to a project, and organizing it according to that project's various specialties?

Users themselves should be able to make their own spatial designs, movably and organically.

This product is not only shelving, but also partitions which users can employ to change the way their space is laid out quickly and easily. Lie papers and flat on the shelves pointing skywards.

Put books on the shelves pointing "earthwards".

When you change the spatial design, the picture made by the shelving changes too. Changing the picture can feel like creating a world in exactly the way you want.

This in itself is fun.

Users, through an action which aims to change spatial layout, can change the picture, and change the world.