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The Straits Times 登載。(Sep 28, 2012)

Japanese gallerist Ikkan Sanada showcases New Media Art by nine international artists in the exhibition titled The Experience Machine.Co curated by Andrew Herdon,director of Herdon Contemporary,a company that works with international emerging and mid-career artists to present new art to new audiences,this exhibition explores,this exhibition explores theories related to the historical differences between Western and Asian ways of seeing,understanding and experiencing the world.

Flower and Corpse Glitch

By teamLab, animation

Japanese group teamLab’s computer-generated 3-D virtual story animation captures the essence of traditional Japanese painting and a fairy tale.Exploring themes of nature,the clash of civilizations,cycles and symbiosis,the surface of the animation flakes away and reveals the underlying structure-the complex technology that forms the background to the work.The traditional Asian way of appreciating a painting is ‘duhua’(to read a painting) in China,or the concept of ‘narikiri’ (entering a picture,or visualizing a picture form inside it) in Japan.Without a specific focal point,the observer’s mind is allowed to drift into another world.

What a Loving, and Beautiful World

By Sisyu+teamLab, interactive animation installation

This interactive animation installation,the product of a collaboration between the famous Japanese calligrapher Sisyu and teamLab,creates an immersive ‘environment’ combining projections with motion sensors in a darkened room.Kanji(Chinese characters) paper on the walls and fall slowly.When someone’s shadow touches the characters for words such as ‘moon’ and ‘butterfly’,they change their shape.This dynamic interaction shows the endlessly renewed beauty of the changes in the world caused by humans interaction with it.

The Straits Times
花與屍 / Flower and Corpse Glitch
多麼可愛而又美麗的世界 / What a Loving, and Beautiful World