Digitized Forest at the World Heritage Site of Shimogamo Shrine, Kyoto Art by teamLab - TOKIO INKARAMI

Aug 17 - Sep 02, 2019
Shimogamo Shrine Kyoto

*No parking is available. Please take public transportation.
* Please come from the nearest station as "Shin Aoi Bashi station" for bus, and "Demachiyanagi Station" for train.



Venue Details

Digitized Forest at the World Heritage Site of Shimogamo Shrine, Kyoto Art by teamLab - TOKIO INKARAMI
Aug 17 - Sep 02, 2019
18:30 – 22:00 (Last Entry 21:30)
* Hours may change depending on the venue conditions.


Special Corporation
Shimogamo Shrine (Kamomioya Shrine) 
Naoyuki Okuda
Kyoto Prefecture
Kyoto City
Kyoto City Board of Education
Kyoto City Tourist Association
Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Ticket Purchase
* Tickets are available at Lawson and Ministop. (Loppi, Lcode: 56835)
* Tickets can be purchased at door during exhibition period.
KYODO Information
tel. +81 570 200 888 (10:00 - 18:00)



Shimogamo Shrine (Kamomioya Shrine)
Shimogamo Izumikawa Cho 59, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto
* Please enter from Kawai Shrine side.

Public Transportation
By Keihan Line: 12 min walk from Demachiyanagi Station

By Hankyu Line: Walk 5 min from Kawaramachi Station to Keihan Gion Shijo Station, take the train to Demachiyanagi Station, then walk another 12 min

By JR Line: Take the Karasuma Line from Kyoto Station to Kuramaguchi Station then walk, or take the train to Kita Oji Station, then change to City Bus.

By Bus: Take City Bus from Kyoto Station, Kawaramachi Station, or Kita Oji Station.

Closest Bus Stops: Shin Aoi Bashi Station, Shimogamo Shrine Station, Tadasuno mori Station, Mikage Bashi Station




* Elementary school students and younger are free. Must be accompanied by a parent or guardian 20 years or older.

  • Weekday (Monday - Friday) JPY 1,300
  • Weekend (Saturday & Sunday) JPY 1,500


Admission Notes

* Admission will be granted based on crowd size.
Due to time limitations, there may be cases where visitors who come to the exhibit are unable to enter.
* No Smoking.
* Valid ticket is required to enter the exhibition.
* No parking is available so please take public transportation.
* No reentry is admitted.
* Elementary school students and younger must be accompanied by a parent or guardian 20 years or older.

teamLab (f. 2001) is an international art collective, an interdisciplinary group of various specialists such as artists, programmers, engineers, CG animators, mathematicians and architects whose collaborative practice seeks to navigate the confluence of art, science, technology, and the natural world.

teamLab aims to explore the relationship between the self and the world and new perceptions through art. In order to understand the world around them, people separate it into independent entities with perceived boundaries between them. teamLab seeks to transcend these boundaries in our perception of the world, of the relationship between the self and the world, and of the continuity of time. Everything exists in a long, fragile yet miraculous, borderless continuity of life.

teamLab’s works are in the permanent collection of the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney; Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide; Asian Art Museum, San Francisco; Asia Society Museum, New York; Borusan Contemporary Art Collection, Istanbul; National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne; and Amos Rex, Helsinki.

teamLab is represented by Pace Gallery, Martin Browne Contemporary and Ikkan Art International.

Biographical Documents
Shimogamo Shrine (Kamomioya Shrine)
Located on the southern banks of the Kamo river, Kamomioya-jinja both reflects and inspires Kyoto City. Even its common name is a product of the city. “Shimo-,” meaning lower, and “-gamo,” after the city’s central river, yields the familiar Shimogamo. The creator and guardian of the city, Kamotaketsunomi-no-mikoto, is enshrined in the main sanctuary of the shrine, along his daughter Tamayorihime-no-mikoto, a mythical figure with her own repute. Together these deities welcome and protect all who visit the shrine, from Kyoto and beyond.
  • Organizers
    Executive committee of Digitized Forest at the World Heritage Site of Shimogamo Shrine, Kyoto Art by teamLab