Collaborative Creation

One artwork is created as one create something with other people. The artwork continue to evolve as people keep creating something new. 

teamLab Future Park is an educational project and an experimental field for co-creation (collaborative creation). 

teamLab focuses on encouraging changes in the relationships between people in the same space. In order to make the presence of others a positive experience, teamLab hopes that individual creative activities can be transformed into co-creative actions.

Rapid technological development will continue to accelerate into the future and many jobs will be taken over by machines. In a future society, traits that only humans can possess—such as the ability to think and act creatively—will become increasingly more important.

Today, in education and everyday life, however, creativity is suppressed rather than encouraged. Furthermore, many people are addicted to smartphones. Their brains may be connected to someone via the smartphone, but their body remains thoroughly isolated. The opportunity to nurture joint collaborative activity has in this respect decreased. 

Humans learn about the world through interaction with others and by sharing experiences. People think with their bodies as they move through the world, and much of human society has developed through creative achievements born from collaboration and collective play. Our hope is that through enjoying this co-creative experience people may become more creative in their everyday lives. This project was born from such a wish.