teamLab: Tokushima Bunkanomori Park

Mar 20 - Jun 30, 2017
Tokushima Prefectural 21st Century Cultural Information Centre, Tokushinma Prefectual Modern Art Museum Tokushima, Japon


teamLab: Tokushima Bunkanomori Park
2017.03.20 (Mon) - 06.30 (Fri)
Crystal Universe: Tokushima Prefectural 21st Century Cultural Information Centre 

Graffiti Nature: Tokushinma Prefectual Modern Art Museum

Tokushima Bunkanomori Park, Mukoterayama, Hachiman-cho, Tokushima-shi, Tokushima, Japan
Closing day
Every Monday (the next day if Monday falls on a holiday / transfer holiday)
※ The exhibition time may change depending on the season (sunset time)
※ The exhibition will be closed according to the closing day of the 21st Century Pavilion
Detailed explanation
Universe of Water Particles on Bunkanomori
Exhibition period: permanent display
Exhibit place: Entrance
Time: 19: 00 ~ 21: 00
Admission fee: None * Because it is outside the entrance, you can see without entering.

Crystal Universe
Exhibition period: until 30th June (Friday)
Exhibit place: multipurpose activity room
Time: 9: 00 ~ 17: 00 ※ Extended until 19:00 on the first day only
Admission fee: 200 yen for adults, 100 yen for medium and high school, infant free

Graffiti Nature - Still Mountains and Movable Lakes
Exhibition period: 29 Apr - 29 Jun, 2017
Exhibit place: Tokushinma Prefectual Modern Art Museum
Time: 9:30~17:00
Admission fee: Adult 300yen, elementaly school student and Junior high school student and High school student 100yen, infant free
Tokushima Prefecture Commerce and Industry Labor Tourism Department Corporate Support Division
Tokushima Prefecture, Tokushima LED · Digital Art Executive Committee
Tokushima prefectural Board of Education
Planning cooperation
◆ For customers planning to visit a large bus or mini bus,
Please contact us in advance, thank you.
※ Contact address: Tokushima Prefectural Cultural Forestry Park
Tel: 088-668-1111 (Representative)