Environmental Phenomena


The artworks in teamLab Phenomena do not exist independently, but are created by the environment which produces the various phenomena.

Objects like stones and man-made creations maintain a stable structure on their own. Unlike these, the existence of the artworks in teamLab Phenomena are dependent on their environment.

The environment produces phenomena and stabilizes their structure - these stabilized phenomena are what create the existence of the artworks.

Environmental phenomena are released from the material substances that have been responsible for maintaining structures of existence. Elements like air, water, and light that permeate our daily lives are transformed by their environment into unique phenomena that become works of art. The boundaries of their existence are ambiguous and continuous. Even if people break the work apart, the work will remain in existence as long as its environment is maintained. On the contrary, the work will disappear if the environment is not maintained.
In time, people's consciousness will expand from existence itself to the environment.

A stone can continue to exist in a closed box, sealed off from the outside world, but life cannot sustain its existence in such a box because it is sustained by its environment.

Life is a miraculous phenomenon that emerges from a flow in a continuous world.