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A Balloon Light Pyramid Illuminates Japanese Ruins

The lightning speed at which teamLab releases new work is mindboggling. Seriously, it’s hard to believe anyone in the collective even sleeps. Coming off their recently released Crystal Universe, the Japanese artists are back with yet another interactive light installation set in the ruins of Shizuoka City’s Sunpu Castle.

A gridded network of 108 white balloons, or “globes,” floats in mid-air, creating a pyramid shape that resembles the roof of a house. The floating spheres change color when touched and emit a sound “unique to that color,” according to teamLab’s description. The surrounding balloons then echo the same sound and color in a rippling effect that alters the entire color of the piece.

The site-specific installation was constructed in dedication to Tokugawa Ieyasu, the founder and first shogun of the Tokugawa shogunate in Japan, who built and died in the Sunpu Castle.

In the video’s description, teamLab writes, “In this pyramid of light unfolds a show of light and sound themed on Lord Ieyasu’s life.” Check out a preview of the installation in action below:

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新江ノ島水族館が「えのすい×チームラボ ナイトワンダーアクアリウム2015」を、2015年7月18日(土)から12月25日(金)まで開催する。





そしてメインの水槽「相模湾大水槽」へ。「花と魚 – 相模湾大水槽」と題された今シーズンは、水槽全体に花を咲かせるプロジェクションが。この映像の大きな特徴は、もともと作成されたものではなく、水槽の魚たちの動きに合わせてリアルタイムで永遠に変容し続けること。魚やエイが水槽の近くを横切ると、その魚に花柄を投影、そして水槽の周りの花々は、魚が近づくと散っていく。その瞬間にしか見ることができない一瞬のアートが見るものを魅了する仕掛けだ。



そして2015年9月19日(土)より、新たな作品「空書 ライン、魚、そして、しんかい2000」が展示開始。日本初の本格的な有人潜水調査船「しんかい2000」がある空間を、光の空書で取り囲んだアート空間に変身させる。空書とは、チームラボがここ10年ほど取り組んでいる空間に書く書。書の墨跡が持つ深さや速さ、力の強さのようなものを新たな解釈で空間に立体的に再構築している。

えのすい×チームラボ ナイトワンダーアクアリウム2015
入場料:大人 2,100円 高校生 1,500円 小・中学生1,000円 幼児(3歳以上) 600円
主催:新江ノ島水族館 チームラボ 日本テレビ放送網
※水族館の入場料のみで回覧可。">" alt="" width="1024" height="576" />">" alt="" width="4344" height="2443" />

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A bela e serena instalação artística “Jardim de Flores Flutuantes” é apresentada em Paris

O coletivo japonês chamado teamLab apresentou sua bela e serena instalação artística chamada “Jardim de Flores Flutuantes”, na Maison et Objet, em Paris. A instalação conta com 2.300 orquídeas importadas da Holanda presas de ponta cabeça em suportes móveis com sensores de movimento, e quando o visitante chega próximo ao espaço repleto de flores,  elas sobem de uma só vez, criando um espaço em volta dele.(本文抜粋)

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To build a collective memory of world’s creativity, we document temporary acts and spaces, where art, fashion and innovation come together. 

Where? Maison et Objet, Paris.

What? Transported from Tokyo, the flower garden is a project by Japanese studio Teamlab. Bunches of orchids fill the space, as serene music and beautiful aromas wake our senses. The installation is designed to impact human emotions and impressions via space, which in this case is a collection of simple pleasures that fuse to elicit good feelings and reunite visitors with nature.

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The biannual Maison&Objet Paris edition has just closed its doors on another successful exhibition. The show had eight halls packed with product and elaborate stands showcasing the new and the best of European and international homewares, furniture, accessories, textiles and lighting.

To be a trendsetter you also have to be a talent scout and once again Maison&Objet offered a platform for new and emerging talent. Two standout designers in this showcase were Gilles Neveu and design duo Laura Lynn Jansen and Thomas Vailly, all inspired by nature but utilizing technology to create optical effects. Other notable highlights included the Floating Flower Garden Space by Japanese techno-artists TeamLab. This was an extraordinary sensory experience of 2300 suspended flowers with their roots anchored overhead creating a botanical fairyland of rising and falling blooms.

While the Maison&Objet Observatoire de la Maison showcased a “Precious” theme, exhibitors seemed to keep to simpler forms and less extravagant details. Metal and wood were still dominant materials used in simplified forms although there is growing use of leather for details such as straps, pulls and hooks. The showcase was also awash with shades of blue, from light to dark, bold green and pinks. After the big bang celebrations of the show’s 20th Anniversary in January, the September showing seemed an altogether quieter affair. The larger high-end furnishing companies were fewer on the ground with many more accessory, tabletop and home décor collections being represented across the halls. 

Still, the Scandinavian design houses were out in full force, showcasing many new to market products. French designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec have created the Pallissade range of outdoor seating for Danish brand Hay with slatted seats in powdercoated steel; its spare form will be available from early 2016. The Palette table by Jaime Hayon for &tradition was a wonderfully considered collaboration and created quite a buzz with its application of metal, marble and wood in differing sizes and shapes. The design duo Space Cophenhagen designed their first table collection for Gubi, the Moon collection in oak includes both coffee table and generous dining table options. Danish design company by Lassen reissued its Flemming Lassen-designed easy chair, The Tired Man, in new colorways (the chair was originally designed for The Copenhagen Cabinetmakers’ Guild Competition in 1935).

Of the established accessories brands Danish Ferm Living showed clean modernist lines and subtle textural finishes. Meanwhile, the 175-year-old Kähler Design has collaborated with illustrator and product designer Anders Arhøj to launch a range of beautiful sculptural ceramics with a dense colorful glaze. 

Moving beyond Scandinavia, French manufacturer Harto showed their new Anatole side table and Eugénie coffee table, both made with oak and tubular metal in four color options. Belgian company BuzziSpace introduced its collaboration with textile giant Kvadrat. The popular BuzziNordic sofa has been updated with brightly coloured Kvadrat upholstery. They also debuted their outdoor office concept BuzziShed at the show.

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The amazing flutter of butterflies

Tracey Logan visits the Saatchi gallery in London to see if technology is bringing about a renaissance in art. She asks if installations depicting the flutter of butterflies and the blooming of flowers – all digital of course – are having the same impact on art as the invention of oil paint did for the Renaissance?
(Image caption: Flutter of Butterflies Beyond Borders – courtesy teamLab and START Image © Alexa Horan)

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Saatchi Gallery Announces Date Extension for FLUTTER FOR BUTTERFLIES BEYOND BORDERS, 9/15

Saatchi Gallery Announces Date Extension for FLUTTER FOR BUTTERFLIES BEYOND BORDERS, 9/15

London, UK – 14 September 2015: Saatchi Gallery announces extended dates for Japanese collective teamLab’s interactive installation which will be open to public free of charge from 15th – 17th September.

Part of this year’s START art fair’s curated projects, Japanese collective teamLab featured their latest installation Flutter of Butterflies Beyond Borders. The immersive environment which reacts to the viewer’s behaviour and movement explores the cycle of birth and death as butterflies flutter across the room and an entire season of flower’s blossom and wither away. Rendered in real time, the projections are not on a loop and therefore never repeat itself.

Due to the overwhelming response received from press and visitor’s to this year’s START art fair, the installation will remain open to the public from Tuesday 15th – Thursday 17th September and entry will be free.

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Drawing outside the lines

TeamLAB brings immersive installation to Saatchi

Japanese art collective Chim↑Pom, online platform This is Tomorrow and digital installation group TeamLAB recently got together to curate spaces in the START art fair held at the Saatchi gallery (without a single YBA in sight). 

The fair focussed on bringing niche and independent international galleries to the UK’s attention, and featured Japanese art collective TeamLAB’s UK debut, with interactive digital installation A Flutter of Butterflies Beyond Borders taking up a room of the gallery – a digital artwork that transformed the space into moving clouds of animated butterflies generated in real-time.

The work was created by a team of technologists, including animators, architects and engineers, and shows flowers and butterflies that move across the walls outside of the confines of the frames.

The art world is leaning towards the use of technology to new and innovative interactions. Take a look at Tate Sensorium, an opportunity to taste some priceless paintings, and Space Explorer, a public art takeover transforming Hackney.

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START Fair Showcases New and Emerging Art at Saatchi

START is now in its second year and adds to London’s burgeoning art fairs with several unique selling points.

It aims particularly at emerging artists and new art scenes from around the world.

There have been lines of people waiting to get in, both because of the quality of the art and the location at the Saatchi Gallery.

While there must be a question on how many more fairs the British capital can take, all competing for collectors’ attention and casual browsers, this one is attracting the curious at least and is spread across all three floors of the gallery.

START also featured curatorial projects to complement the art fair.

Chim↑Pom, winners of the 2015 Prudential Eye Awards, presented its first solo exhibition in London. The Japanese collective makes work that is socially and politically engaged and has recently shown at P.S.1 in New York. A second Japanese collective, teamLab, which was shortlisted for the Prudential Eye Awards, presented an immersive installation that fused art and new technologies.

The event, presented by Prudential featured galleries from cities as diverse as London, Seoul, Cape Town, Colombo, Hanoi, New York, Hong Kong, Budapest, Paris and Bogota to name a few.

Among the talks and presentations, Erdmann Contemporary of Cape Town launched a new book, “120 Days of Sodom” by Manfred Zylla, available in a limited edition for prices of £50 each.