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TeamLab interactive digital art museum at Venetian Macao explores humans' connection with nature

Japanese art collective TeamLab is launching a digital art museum in Macau this month after its original opening was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Billed as a “body immersive” experience, the 5,000-square-metre museum with 8m-high ceilings will be filled with ever-changing artworks reflective of TeamLab’s mission to explore humans’ connection with nature in the digital age. (本文抜粋)

Time In に、掲載。(2020年6月12日)

teamLab returns to open permanent exhibition in Macau

With original plans to open in January 2020, the teamLab SuperNature Macao exhibition was postponed due to the pandemic outbreak. Now almost half a year later, The Venetian Macao has just announced teamLab's return this June 15. Setting up as a permanent exhibition at The Venetian Macao, teamLab SuperNature is a one-of-a-kind body immersive museum complete with bright lights, flower blossoms, trampoline floors, graffiti forests, interactive slides, and much, much more. (本文抜粋)

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teamLab is one of the most exciting digital art collectives practicing today. Based in Tokyo, the group of artists, programmers, engineers, CG animators, mathematicians and architects create poetic, immersive pieces that draw you into another world. Their work is exhibited globally. Several spellbinding installations are on show at the permanent Future World exhibition at the ArtScience museum in Singapore. Yet, their work is not just about escapism. teamLab probes deeper, exploring ancient wisdom and visual cultures, encouraging us to reappraise our sense of self and relationship to the world around us. We caught up with founder, Toshiyuki Inoko, to find out more. (本文抜粋)

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teamLab muses the Borderless, continuous relationship between us and the world

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a global lockdown that is adversely affecting economic growth, but simulateneously offering a much-needed respite for Mother Nature. As the skies turn bluer, trees greener, birds chirpier and animals bolder with adventures on city roads, the question on each of our minds is - what have we done to our planet, and in the process, to ourselves? (本文参照)

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色や光に包まれ浮遊する 感覚...「言語化できない何か」を物理空間に実装するチームラボ


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Conde Nast Traveller Italy

All'arrivo, guardando la città che non finisce all'orizzonte e i palazzi da film fantasy (il cui regista abbia un po' esagerato con gli effetti digital), pensi che davvero TOKYO non si abbraccia con uno sguardo solo, nemmeno dall'alto dei 634 metri del Tokyo Skytree, e la cartina, ammesso che si impari mai a leggerla, rischia di restare una nebulosa. (本文抜粋)

ART space に、掲載。(2020年5月20日)

Could Artist Collectives Transform A Post-Corona Art World?

Last year, the UK art world was stunned when the winner of the 2019 Turner Prize was the entire shortlist of nominees. Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Helen Cammock, Oscar Murillo, and Tai Shani petitioned the judges of the UK’s most prestigious art award to award the prize to them as a collective called Abu Hamdan / Cammock / Murillo / Shani. The jury unanimously agreed, acknowledging the artists’ commitment to “commonality, multiplicity and solidarity.” This exceptional moment didn’t just reflect the collaborative power of art, but also shows how artist collectives have had a renaissance in recent decades. (本文抜粋)

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Simone Chung: To begin, please tell the readers a bit about yourselves and how you ended up working in teamLab.
Takashi Kudo: My name is Takashi Kudo and I am from teamLab. Actually, I don't have a title on my business card. If you need some sort of designation then I would be the Communications Director - like a spokesperson, in charge of 'branding' from the communications aspect as well as projects in their initial stages that are yet to be defined. (本文抜粋)