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Asia This Week に、掲載。(Jan 10, 2014)

TeamLab is a company of mathematicians, designers and computer programmers that uses technology to come up with works of art. It has received awards in countries such as France and Canada and has enjoyed favorable reviews at the Singapore Biennale, a modern art festival being held through mid-February. The team uses a creation process that transcends the conventional wisdom in order to bring out the creativity of each member involved.

Asia This Week
冷たい生命 / Cold Life
The Waterfall on Audi R8
teamLabStudio / チームラボスタジオ
光のボールでオーケストラ / Light Ball Orchestra
天才ケンケンパ / Hopscotch for Geniuses
お絵かき水族館 / Sketch Aquarium
秩序がなくともピースは成り立つ / Peace can be Realized Even without Order
百年海図巻 アニメーションのジオラマ / 100 Years Sea Animation Diorama – Cyclorama
百年海図巻 アニメーションのジオラマ / 100 Years Sea Animation Diorama – Dome Version
生命は生命の力で生きている / Life Survives by the Power of Life
百年海図巻 アニメーションのジオラマ