'what will NFTs change about art?' - damien hirst, teamlab, & others land at gyre gallery

designboom に、掲載。(Mar 18, 2023)

Tokyo’s Gyre Gallery is launching its latest exhibition, ‘Artistic Experiments in the Age of Hyper-Technological Reproduction ー What Will NFTs Change About Art?’ Running from March 24 to May 21, 2023, the event spotlights the nature of NFTs and the many ways in which their recent boom could alter the art scene as we know it. An NFT, short for Non-Fungible Token, is a unique cryptographic asset driven by blockchain technology; it cannot be replicated or traded and features a clear record of its owner.

From Damien Hirst to teamLab and Rafaël Rozendaal, the exhibition gathers an impressive pool of artists and introduces their NFTs in three chapters: Sharing, Aura of the Simulacra, and Transnational Power. Each theme corresponds to the fundamental prerequisites for any artwork: Ownership/Contract, Creation, and Exhibition.