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TeamLab: The Japanese Art Collective You Need To Know

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TeamLab: The Japanese Art Collective You Need To Know
Japanese-based teamLab is not your typical artist collective. Since forming in 2001, the 400-strong group of programmers, mathematicians, and CG animators has built light sculptures that produce 3-D “fireworks”; made a pool of virtual “koi” fish designed to be waded into; and created forests of lamps that glow as people approach.(本文抜粋)

British Vogue
境界のない群蝶、儚い命 / Flutter of Butterflies Beyond Borders, Ephemeral Life
Impermanent Life, 時空が交差する場所には新たな時空が生まれる / Impermanent Life, at the Confluence of Spacetime New Space and Time is Born
The Void
花と人、コントロールできないけれども、共に生きる / Flowers and People, Cannot be Controlled but Live Together - Transcending Boundaries, A Whole Year per Hour
円相 / Enso
Dark Waves
憑依する滝、Transcending Boundaries / Universe of Water Particles, Transcending Boundaries
人に咲く花 / Flowers Bloom on People