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Stage architecture, from Disney to dance

The finest stage architecture immerses and delights, enhancing any performance or cultural experience and elevating entertainment to new heights. These amazing designs can be found across the globe and in all weathers, from ABBA Voyage(opens in new tab)’s monumental, temporary ABBA Arena(opens in new tab) in east London, to teamLab’s art-fuelled staging in Tokyo, and Gala dance festival's Beacon summer pavilions in Peckham. Elsewhere, New York-based design group Yellow Studio has curated the set for the 30-year celebration of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, combining period-inspired gauze structures with video mapping and archival sketches. (Excerpt from the text)

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Abu Dhabi Unveils Plans to Open Multi-Sensory Immersive Art Space by teamLab

As Abu Dhabi continues its mission to diversify its cultural offering, art galleries, institutions and museums play a significant role in its expansion. Unveiled earlier this year by the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi and the city’s leading creator of experiences Miral, the upcoming art space — teamLab Phenomena Abu Dhabi — offers a new interactive art experience created by international art collective teamLab.(Excerpt from the text)

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Menjajal Tiga Instalasi Baru ArtScience Museum di Singapura

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia -- Pameran ArtScience Museum, Future World: Where Art Meets Science dan Digital Light Canvas oleh teamLab di kawasan Marina Bay Sands, Singapura, resmi dibuka kembali pada Sabtu (26/11). Terdapat sejumlah pembaruan dan renovasi yang ekstensif untuk menampilkan karya seni dan pengalaman baru dengan teknologi imersif.(Excerpt from the text)

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teamLab Transforms Historic Castle Into an Interactive Art Space

For one of its latest projects, teamLab presents its Digitized Fukuyama Castle exhibition at a historic fortress located in Fukuyama, Hiroshima. Initially built in 1622 at the beginning of the Edo period as the last large-scale castle of its time, Fukuyama Castle is designated as one of Japan’s National Treasures. The original castle was demolished due to air raids during the Second World War and was later reconstructed with distinct features including restored iron paneling which is said to be the only one of its kind in the country.(Excerpt from the text)

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В мечтания дигитален свят на teamLab

Тези експерти варират от художници и архитекти до програмисти и математици, които се опитват да се ориентират към сближаването на изкуството, науката, технологиите и природния свят. Един от най-закътаните и тайни музеи може да се намери в гора в Южна Япония. Дигитализираната природа на teamLab изследва как цифровите технологии могат да превърнат природата в изкуство, без да я увреждат.(Excerpt from the text)

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ArtScience Museum’s Future World exhibition, MBS’ Digital Light Canvas show updated

SINGAPORE – Interdisciplinary Japanese art collective teamLab brings its most extensive refresh of the Future World at the ArtScience Museum since it debuted in 2016. Three new installations – Aerial Climbing Through A Flock Of Coloured Birds, Autonomous Abstraction: Continuous Phenomena From The Universe To The Self and Sketch Flight – have been added to the permanent show. They were unveiled to visitors on Saturday.(Excerpt from the text)

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The Serpenti snake on the Bulgari Ginza store is a teamLab light show controlled by you

While teamLab boasts impressive showcases around Tokyo, including the immersive teamLab Planets museum, there are also a surprising number of free teamLab exhibitions to enjoy. The latest, just in time for the holiday season, is the return of the art collective's dazzling interactive installation at the Bulgari flagship store in Ginza, which last appeared during the 2019-20 holiday season. (Excerpt from the text)