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The outdoor digital monolith at teamLab Planets Tokyo is changing into a pillar of fire

There’s plenty of teamLab to go around. Whether you’re travelling to Okayama or just chilling at home, you have lots of ways to interact with the art collective's inimitable works. Last July, teamLab Planets Tokyo in Toyosu debuted their monolith-like sculpture showcasing a digital waterfall. Titled ‘Universe of Water Particles Falling from the Sky’, the sculpture is right outside the museum and free for anyone to see. (Excerpt from the text)

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teamLab has a new interactive exhibition in Ginza – and it's free

There’s a Japanese Zen Buddhist expression that goes something like: ‘every step is a place to learn’. That’s the adage that inspired this latest installation from teamLab, titled ‘Walk, Walk, Walk Home’. In this art displayed at Ginza 456, an ensemble of mystic creatures and townspeople are on a continuous journey to places unknown. (Excerpt from the text)

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teamLab’s latest artwork is available as a TikTok filter for free

Digital art collective teamLab is going from strength to strength lately. Besides its two popular museums in Tokyo, it has recently launched a series of new projects including teamLab Reconnect, a sauna in Roppongi with digital art experiences.
This new artwork was released in conjunction with teamLab Reconnect, but you don't have to visit the sauna to experience it – it's on TikTok. Titled ‘Every Life Survives in Fluctuating Space’, it’s a new filter in TikTok that's completely free to use. (Excerpt from the text)

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International art collective teamLab uses art to explore our relationship to technology, the natural world, and one another through immersive installations. Interdisciplinary collaborators from the fields of art, architecture, programming, and more join forces to create unique experiences for lucky visitors. The collective has announced plans for a new art experience in collaboration with TikTok. This time, there will also be a sauna component, making it one of the more physically involved teamLab projects so far. (Excerpt from the text)

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Steamy spectacle: Immersive sauna exhibition opens in Japan

The exhibition, called Reconnect: Art with Rinkan Sauna, is the latest offering from the Japanese art collective teamLab, which collaborated with video app TikTok on the project.

Internationally renowned for their innovative digital art, teamLab's work combines projections, sound and carefully designed spaces to create otherworldly experiences.(Excerpt from the text)

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Teamlab's New 'Sakura Bombing Home' Artwork Will Fill Your TV Screen with Cherry Blossoms

Whether sprawling across a Tokyo warehouse, taking over a Japanese castle, turning old oil tanks into waterfalls or even popping up in Melbourne, the digital art made by creative collective Teamlab can make you feel like you're in another world. That's a sensation we could all after the past year year, even if visiting the group's overseas sites is currently off limits due to international travel restrictions. Enter Teamlab's latest project: the online-only Sakura Bombing Home. (Excerpt from the text)

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A look at the must-read news stories impacting the hospitality industry this week

Tokyo-based digital art collective teamLab is set to unveil an immersive new installation in the Roppongi district of the Japanese capital that comprises a maze of seven saunas and three art galleries. Spread across a large tent, the TikTok teamLab Reconnect: Art with Rinkan Sauna invites guests to dip in and out of hot and cold rooms and features diverse artwork conceived to engage all five senses, according to U.S. News & World Report. Punctuated by thoughtful lighting and color solutions, the installation will be open to the public from March 22nd through the end of August.(Excerpt from the text)

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TeamLab Co-Founder Toshiyuki Inoko on How He Went From High-School Prankster to an Architect of the Art World’s Experience Economy

From the time he was very young, teamLab co-founder Toshiyuki Inoko took pranking to another level. In one instance, he recalls rigging a floorboard at his school so that it spun when walked on, causing the walker to change direction. In another, Inoko transformed an entire classroom into an immersive experience using found wood and cardboard. He remembers his fellow students lining up by the hundreds, down hallways and stairwells, to see his room of tricks. (Excerpt from the text)