PMQ 元創方

Flower of Life

PMQ 元創方 에 소개되었습니다. (Dec 30, 2016)

Flower of Life
A completely dark room sees one walking in and standing still, followed by illuminated images of blossoms and greens suddenly flying out from the individual's body, and when the one is about to leave, the flowers and leaves look conscious and will gradually scatter, fade and vanish...(本文抜粋)

PMQ 元創方
Flutter of Butterflies Beyond Borders
Flowers Bloom under the Waterfall in the Gorge - Ōboke Koboke
Flowers and People on the Water - Spring of Herbal Flowers
Circle, Infinity Circle - VR
Story of the Forest
사람과 함께 춤추는 잉어가 그리는 수면 위의 드로잉 / Drawing on the Water Surface Created by the Dance of Koi and People - Infinity
라이트 볼 오케스트라 / Light Ball Orchestra