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Teamlab creates a maze of interactive dancing holograms

As part of the Singapore Biennale 2013, a group of artists has created a maze filled with life-sized, three-dimensional, dancing holograms of people and animals, capable of reacting to a person’s presence.The interactive digital art installation, that’s inspired by an ancient festival known as the Awa Dance festival, features brightly-colored, translucent holograms of people in traditional Japanese clothes, dancing or playing musical instruments, next to imaginary and familiar animals. Teamlab, the group behind the installation, created special sensors for every character in the maze to enable them to interact with visitors.Called “peace can be realized even without order,” the installation features 56 characters in a dark gallery, that’s been outfitted with mirrors to give the illusion of the maze extending into eternity. The characters are able to sense when a visitor approaches them; the holographic people stop dancing or playing their instruments and give a bow while the rabbits, frogs and other animals may wave a hand or jump.The digital installation explores the idea of finding peace within the context of unordered connections. It has been on display at the Singapore Art Museum since Oct. 26th of last year, and runs until to Feb. 16.Check out a video of the dancing holograms belowSource: TeamLab via Designboom By Lakshmi Sandhana

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Art Stage scores record turnout

Another Japan-based dealer, Tomio Koyama Gallery, sold four works by famed Japanese illustrator Yoshitomo Nara at $11,000 each, while Singapore’s Ikkan Art Gallery sold 20 digital media works by Japanese collective teamLab and Naoko Tosa for a total of US$550,000.Background storyFAIR HIGHLIGHTSSTRONGLY CURATED GALLERY PRESENTATIONSIkkan Art Gallery put the focus on Japan’s hot animation group teamLab, known for their arresting interactive animation installations.Cold LifeCrows are Chased and the Chasing Crows are Destined to be Chased as Well – Black in WhiteUniverse of Water Particles

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teamlab projects a maze of dancing japanese holograms

a seemingly boundless and complex maze of colored holograms fill the darkened gallery walls at the singapore art museum for the interactive digital installation by teamlab. saturating the massive space are row upon row of life-sized, three-dimensional figures in perpetual motion — dancing wildly in place and playing various instruments. ‘peace can be realized even without order’ presents the ghostly, anthropomorphic characters dressed in traditional japanese garments, standing in line beside hybrid animals and imagined creatures.(Excerpt from the text)