The Art Newspaper 登载。(2020/09/14)

Saudi Arabia pushes soft power by launching new teamLab digital art museum in Jeddah

The multimedia collective teamLab will launch a new digital art museum in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, by 2023 called teamLab Borderless Jeddah. The Tokyo-based technology group, known for producing crowdpleasing immersive experiences awash with virtual waterfalls and flowers, has entered into a ten-year agreement with the Saudi Ministry of Culture to develop works for the planned museum. (Excerpt from the text)

HYPEBAE 登载。(2020/09/09)


Despite the ongoing pandemic, teamLab has slowly begun announcing upcoming interactive exhibitions all around the world, including Seoul and the Netherlands. Now, the art collective has revealed Barcelona as the latest location for its immersive pieces.
Taking place at CaixaForum, the new exhibition is centered around a theme of changing releationships. Utilizing digital technology, the collective is bringing two works created in partnership with la Caixa” Foundation. Born From the Darkness a Loving, and Beautiful World involves calligraphy graphics that viewers can touch to influence the entire art piece. (Excerpt from the text)

Saudi Gazette 登载。(Sep 13, 2020)

Japanese teamLab to set up digital museum in Jeddah

RIYADH — The Ministry of Culture is preparing to set up an interactive digital museum in Jeddah in cooperation with the international Japanese digital art group teamLab.
The museum is part of a ten-year agreement between the ministry and teamLab under which the museum will be established in Jeddah by the beginning of 2023.
The art group teamLab is specialized in designing digital museums in which arts and technology intersect in innovative creative spaces. It established the world’s first digital museum, which is known for its colorful, futuristic digital art installations and photo ops. (Excerpt from the text)

Time Out 登载。(2020/09/09)

You can now create your own teamLab art at home on your TV or computer

teamLab seems to be everywhere in Japan. Their two flagship museums in Tokyo, teamLab Borderless and teamLab Planets, are open again with extra safety measures – they even have free hidden works scattered throughout Tokyo. Elsewhere in the country, the art collective has recently launched new exhibitions in Fukuoka, Kyushu’s Taeko Onsen town, and Saitama. Unfortunately, travellers whose trips have been cancelled due to Japan’s strict entry ban will have to wait a bit longer to experience the immersive art in person. (Excerpt from the text)

NUMÉRO 登载。(Sep 7, 2020)

Quand un parc de 50 hectares se transforme en œuvre d'art nocturne

Pour la sixième année consécutive, le collectif international teamLab investit le parc Mifuneyama Rakuen, situé sur l'île de Kyushu au sud du Japon. Jusqu'au 8 novembre, 22 œuvres audiovisuelles d'ampleur spécialement réalisées pour ce vaste parc de 50 hectares s'y animeront chaque nuit, de la surface de l'étang au sommet de la montagne. (Excerpt from the text)

BIRD IN FIGHT 登载。(Sep 8, 2020)

Руками трогать: Что умеет интерактивное искусство

Интерактивные предметы искусства рассчитаны на участие зрителей — без них оно не раскрывается полностью. Такие инсталляции реагируют светом, звуком и движением на присутствие людей, их голос, прикосновения и даже эмоции. (Excerpt from the text)

Architectural Digest 登载。(2020/08/22)

Live on YouTube, teamLab will transform your artworks into digital drawings for the world to see

Now you can have your art reach a million people within seconds….young artists, are you listening?
Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, people all over the world have been either confined to their homes or have been practicing social distancing with their loved ones. Although necessary, this has also resulted in people feeling more isolated. In light of this situation, various digital art installations have come up to bring the world together. One such interactive digital idea is of Flowers Bombing Home, conceived by teamLab. This installation transforms everyone’s televisions into digital artworks and makes them the artist. (Excerpt from the text)

RADII 登载。(2020/08/19)

teamLab is Opening its First “Immersive Club Experience” in Shanghai

Digital art collective teamLab, who specialize in Instagram-friendly light installations and interactive exhibits, have revealed preliminary details behind their forthcoming immersive club experience “Master,” a brand new nightlife project that will set up shop in Shanghai.
The project comes after the Japanese collective’s collaboration with Chinese company NetEase’s electronic music brand, Fever. Together, they put on a series of “immersive electronic music experiences” at teamLab’s dedicated space in Shanghai, featuring a series of EDM DJs and producers among the lights at the end of July and beginning of August. (Excerpt from the text)

THE VERGE 登载。(2020/08/28)


The only live music I’ve managed to see all year came from an unexpected place. I recently found myself on a Friday night after hours at teamLab Planets, a popular tourist spot in Tokyo, watching rock star Miyavi working on his latest “Miyavi Virtual” project. Miyavi Virtual 3.0 will be available to buy and stream later today — it’s a live performance mixing drone footage with dazzling digital art. (Excerpt from the text)

Lonely Planet 登载。(2020/09/01)

Tokyo art collective is bringing its popular light installations to Europe

Tokyo-based teamLab is renowned for its multi-sensory exhibitions that draw sold-out crowds all over the world, from Shanghai to Seoul to San Francisco. The shows are usually centred around light, sound, digital sequences and immersive experiences. Giant glowing musical balls, waterfall projections and exploding flowers have all featured in teamLab pieces but perhaps the collective’s most famous work is Crystal Universe, an immersive light show that uses LED lights to create 3D celestial patterns that visitors can walk through. (Excerpt from the text)