The Korea Herald 登载。(Jan 18, 2021 )

[Feature] When art meets technology

The artwork -- “Animals of Flower, Symbiotic Lives II” -- was one of several at the exhibition “teamLab: LIFE” at Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Seoul that went viral after it opened last September, attracting a large number of visitors despite the ongoing pandemic.
Designed by teamLab, an art collective, the artworks are not pre-recorded images on continuous playback. The works are created by a computer program that recognizes viewers in real time. In other words, the art pieces change constantly depending on how the viewers choose to interact with the installed works.(Excerpt from the text)

Lonely Planet 登载。(Jan 12, 2021)

Miami opens new art center with boundary-breaking exhibitions

Tapping into the growing trend of multisensory experiences, Superblue – a new company and venture in experiential art – is launching its first art center this spring in Miami. It will open with a bang by hosting large-scale works by Japanese art collective teamLab, known for their multi-channel exhibitions that combine technology, nature and light; and stage designer Es Devlin, the woman responsible for setting showstopping scenes for stars and designers like Beyoncé, Billie Eilish, The Weeknd and Louis Vuitton. Also on the bill is James Turrell, the celebrated installation artist from the Light and Space movement.(Excerpt from the text)

Art in America 登载。(Jan 4, 2021)


Visitors to teamLab Planets, an art venue in Tokyo run by the eponymous art collective, can wade in a knee-deep pool of water, where images of koi fish projected onto the water’s surface dart around their legs, leaving trails of multicolored light in their wakes. Reach down to cup a koi, and it bursts into flowers—cherry blossoms in the spring, sunflowers in the summer—that scatter in the pool. (Excerpt from the text)

araandorra 登载。(Jan 3, 2020)

Les exposicions que no et pots perdre aquest 2021

Si la pandèmia no espatlla els trànsits de les obres, l’any serà ple de grans exposicions d’artistes que generen cues: Sandro Botticelli, al Museu Jacquemart de París (setembre-gener del 2022); Dürer a la National Gallery de Londres (març-juny); Vermeer a la Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister de Dresden (març-juny); Yayoi Kusama a la Bauhaus berlinesa (març-agost). Picasso és un clàssic d’aquestes llistes, i Barcelona tindrà un paper destacat en una de les seves exposicions de l’any: l’Art Gallery d’Ontario recuperarà a la tardor la gran exposició sobre l’època blava de Picasso que es va haver d’ajornar per la pandèmia. (Excerpt from the text)

MY MODERN MET 登载。(Dec 31, 2020)

Dazzling Projections Transform Iconic Japanese Garden Into an Immersive Art Installation

Digital art and design collective teamLab will soon transform an iconic Japanese landmark. The creative firm has recently released images of the new Kairakuen Garden installation which seeks to show guests how “nature can become art.” By using their signature projection techniques, teamLab demonstrates that art can interact with the outside world in a minimally invasive way. They are doing so by projecting artwork on to the 3,000 plum blossom trees for which the garden is known. (Excerpt from the text)

Robb Report 登载。(Dec 27, 2020)

Forget Canvas and Sculpture, This New Miami Center Taps Blue-Chip Artists to Create Experiential Works

Mollie Dent-Brocklehurst’s résumé comes dripping with art-world cred: She launched Pace London, helped get the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow off the ground and did time with both Gagosian and Sotheby’s. Now she has teamed with her former boss at Pace Gallery, president and CEO Marc Glimcher, to found Superblue, an independent new concept that straddles the divide between art and entertainment. (Excerpt from the text)

Time Out 登载。(Dec 25, 2020)

10 things to look forward to in 2021 in Tokyo and Japan

Art collective teamLab is back again with a brand new exhibition at Ibaraki’s Kairakuen Garden, famous for its 3,000 plum blossom trees that bloom in late winter. From February 13 to March 21 2021, the digital art installation will coincide with the 125th Mito Plum Blossom Festival, so you’ll be able to enjoy workshops and events, or just picnic next to teamLab’s rainbow egg-like sculptures and floral projections. (Excerpt from the text)