TOP 10 art exhibitions of 2015

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  • TOP 10 art exhibitions of 2015 

    whether set within gallery institutions or as part of the public landscape, some of the most renowned, international creatives exhibited their new and most famous works around the globe this year. monumental in scale, discipline, material and theme, the installations shown have immersed audiences in an impactful and significant experiential context. from olafur eliasson’s expansive light-and mirror-filled showcase within one of the most magnificent baroque edifices in vienna, to banksy’s outdoor art-filled bemusement park, 2015’s exhibitions blew us away. take a look below at 10 of designboom’s most popular art exhibition features this year.


    teamlab">">teamlab immerses visitors in an interactive floating flower garden">" height="3840">

    teamlab : floating flower garden
    miraikan national museum of emerging science and innovation, tokyo
    november 29, 2014 – may 10, 2015

    visitors to the miraikan national museum of emerging science and innovation may find themselves immersed in a kinetic maze of botanical life, comprised of more than 2,300 suspended flowers blooming in a vast white space. the installation by teamlab invites exhibition viewers to experience ‘floating flower garden’ as a place of both interaction and tranquility, enveloped in a thick abundance of delicate pink petals and lush greenery. as entrants to the expanse move closer to the flower-filled space, the colorful blossoms most near to the viewer rise upwards, slowly, all at once, creating a hemispherical space surrounding them. this ephemeral void is constantly evolving and changing position with each movement within the exhibition and, if many people move closer to one another, the dome spaces link up to form one single, massive cavity.
    (Excerpt from the text)

漂浮的花园──花朵与我同根同源,花园与我合为一体 / Floating Flower Garden: Flowers and I are of the Same Root, the Garden and I are One