New Expressions and Concepts of Color


teamLab is experimenting with the expression of color and color concepts, in order to create new colors that have never been seen.

Solidified Light Color (61 Colors) and Liquified Light Color (57 Colors) produce new colors that have been created by exploring new methods of color expression.
Resonating Microcosms - Solidified Light Color, Resonating Microcosms - Liquified Light Color

Dynamic Equilibrium Color is unlike conventional concepts of color. When they are viewed closely, the color constantly changes and moves; when they are viewed from a distance, the color is static and does not change. These colors possess a concept of time on a very small (microscopic) scale, but do not possess a concept of time on a larger (macroscopic) scale.
Tea in Spontaneous Order - Dynamic Equilibrium Color

Flattening Color eliminates the sense of three-dimensionality of objects and spaces, and causes objects and spaces to appear flattened. Space becomes a flat plane of color, and the body of a person experiencing the flat plane of color is immersed in it.
Expanding Three-Dimensional Existence in Transforming Space - Flattening 3 Colors and 9 Blurred Colors, Free Floating, Levitation - Flattening Red and Blue & Blurred Violet