Featured on J-BIG, 2022/02/04

teamLab: “The space is our canvas, and light is our paint”

With their digital works and an unconventional understanding of art, the Japanese artist collective teamLab has been stirring up the art scene in recent years far beyond the borders of their home country. Now teamLab art is coming to Germany – in the form of the Digital Art Museum, which is scheduled to open in Hamburg in 2024. We spoke to Takashi Kudo, one of the founding members of the collective, about art, the body and collaboration across borders. (Excerpt from the text)

Featured on designboom, Jan 19, 2021

teamLab digitizes nature for interactive light experience in a japanese garden

from february 1st until march 31st 2022, a 180-year-old garden in mito, japan, will be transformed into an immersive light experience created by art collective teamLab. called ‘digitized kairakuen garden 2022’, the installation explores how digital technology can turn nature into art without harming it. the work also focuses on the theme of time and lengths of time that may be unfathomable to us—kairakuen garden was created in 1842 and it’s home to a giant 800-year-old tree.(Excerpt from the text)

Featured on designboom, Dec 13, 2021


japanese art collective teamLab teases their latest exhibition to be held at maison&objet 2022 in paris. dubbed resonating microcosms of life – solidified light color, the installation will feature an infinitely-expanding space filled with glowing ovoids that shine and resonate when pushed by people. with this immersive installation, teamLab continues to explore the relationship between the self and new perceptions through art.(Excerpt from the text)

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Following its exhibition at Art Basel Miami 2021, teamLab will present another immersive work at Paris‘ upcoming Maison&Objet trade fair. Relationship with people, relationship with natural phenomena, physicality, continuity and new colors are the core concepts of the project’s foundation, as per teamLab. Titled “Resonating Microcosms of Life – Solidified Light Color,” the installation features an endless sea of colorful orbs that create sound and showcase 61 different colors while you interact with them. Taking the exhibit to the next level is the fact that the orbs surrounding the one you’re moving will react to your touch as well — sort of like a domino effect.

Featured on Time Out, Dec 8, 2021

teamLab is taking over Kairakuen Garden in Ibaraki from February to March 2022

Ibaraki prefecture’s Kairakuen Garden is considered to be one of Japan’s most scenic spaces, with a history that stretches back to 1842. Filled with roughly 3,000 plum trees of 100 different varieties, the garden flourishes between February and March, when plum blossoms are in full bloom. After a successful run in 2021 with installations highlighting the garden's peak season, art collective teamLab is returning to Ibaraki this winter with a special exhibition set to run through February and March. (Excerpt from the text)