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在大提琴的沉吟中感受“光之雕刻”的璀璨,在《绿野仙踪》中探索“灯之森林”的奥秘,在高山流水的意境里找到属于自己的“秘密花园”。昨晚,上海交响乐团首度联手全球第二座数字艺术美术馆“无界美术馆”,在科幻互动光影中开启两场“沉浸”式演出。演奏家们拿起大提琴、长笛、单簧管……让音符勾勒出无形的动线,用旋律描绘出一幅可以听的“导览图”,让市民观众体验一场充满冒险和惊喜的美术馆之旅。(Excerpt from the text)

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指尖有蝴蝶飛過,腳下有向日葵盛開,遊走於全球第二座數字藝術美術館—— 無界美術館,觀眾就像身處「盜夢空間」,在不同的夢裡逡巡。
在上海落成以來,這座夢一樣的美術館儼然成了「網紅」,每天吸引無數潮人前來打卡。(Excerpt from the text)

新民 に、掲載。(Nov 6, 2020)


在大提琴的沉吟中感受“光之雕刻”的璀璨,在《绿野仙踪》中探索“灯之森林”的奥秘,在高山流水的意境里找到属于自己的“秘密花园”。今晚,上海交响乐团首度联手全球第二座数字艺术美术馆“无界美术馆”,在科幻互动光影中开启两场“沉浸”式演出。演奏家们拿起大提琴、长笛、单簧管……让音符勾勒出无形的动线,用旋律描绘出一幅可以听的“导览图”,让市民观众体验一场充满冒险和惊喜的美术馆之旅。(Excerpt from the text)

ARCHISCOPIE に、掲載。(Autumn 2020)

Quand l’immersif fabrique un climat

Dopés par la vogue de l’immersif qui déferle sur les lieux d’exposition, les architectes inventent des univers clos qui sont autant de climats. Des sphères protectrices à la scénographie du nuage conçu par Diller+Scofidio sur un lac helvétique en passant par les dômes géodésiques d’un Buckminster Fuller, les bâtiments s’échappent du monde pour mieux le récréer et le démultiplier. Ambiances. (Excerpt from the text)

Florida Daily Post に、掲載。(2020年10月26日)

Superblue: Large-scale experiential art coming to Miami

With the rise in popularity of art that is immersive and interactive and the success of Infinity rooms, Miami is set to be home to the world’s first venue that brings top artists’ work to walk-in life. Launching December 22, Superblue promises a dynamic showcase of large-scale experiential artworks, from newly-created works to iconic installations. (Excerpt from the text)

HYPEBEAST に、掲載。(2020年10月19日)

teamLab Permanently Installs Real-Time Artwork of Flowers in NYC

As they’re busy preparing for their immersive installations at the emerging Superblue Miami Experiential Art Space, the talented troupe of new media artists at teamLab have mounted a new permanent public artwork in New York City’s One Vanderbilt. The work entitled Continuous Life and Death at the Now of Eternity II, Grand Central Terminal features striking visuals of flowers that “are born, bloom, wither, and die all with the flow of real time,” described teamLab in a statement. (本文抜粋)

THE STRAITS TIMES に、掲載。(2020年10月17日)

Lost in forest of interactive lights

The Forest Of Resonating Lamps is an interactive installation at the Mori Building Digital Art Museum in Tokyo.
Part of the TeamLab Borderless exhibition, it features hanging lamps that shine brightly when a person approaches them.
Once a lamp is activated, its light travels to the two nearest lamps and activates them too. (本文抜粋)

soompi に、掲載。(2020年10月15日)

Watch: Kim Jung Hyun Gets Dressed Up In Character To Reunite With “Crash Landing On You” Co-Star Seo Ji Hye

Kim Jung Hyun reunited with his “Crash Landing on You” co-star Seo Ji Hye!
The actor’s agency recently shared a vlog on YouTube in which he visited the exhibit “teamLab: LIFE” after being invited by Seo Ji Hye. Kim Jung Hyun got dressed up like his “Crash Landing on You” character Gu Seung Jun for his reunion with Seo Ji Hye, who played Seo Dan in the show. He even bumped into the drama’s director Lee Jung Hyo on the way in. (Excerpt from the text)

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Museos para sumergirse… literalmente

SI BUSCAS BIEN encontrarás un museo de casi cualquier cosa, pero las atracciones que ahora presentamos toman la experiencia tradicional de ver el arte pasivamente y ponerla de cabeza. En estas se alienta a los visitantes a interactuar con sus exhibiciones y a una sana distancia de los demás con nuevas y distintas medidas de seguridad, como desinfectantes, planos de circulación de un solo sentido, menor capacidad de visitantes y más, para que puedan experimentar el arte de una forma nueva. (Excerpt from the text)