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Art collective teamLab Brings Immersive Nighttime Art Experience to Botanical Garden in Osaka

teamLab Botanical Garden Osaka, the Collective’s Latest Outdoor Museum, is an Ever-Changing World of Art Created by the Natural Environment and Seasonal Flora OSAKA, Japan, November 04, 2022--(BUSINESS WIRE)--teamLab Botanical Garden Osaka is a botanical garden by day, and an art space by night, created by the Tokyo-based art collective teamLab, known for their record-breaking museum teamLab Borderless. Unveiled over the summer at Nagai Botanical Garden in Osaka, teamLab Botanical Garden is the collective’s latest permanent open-air museum that begins to glow as the sun sets.

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15 amazing reasons you should visit Tokyo now

6. teamLab Borderless is gone, but teamLab Planets is still around We bid farewell to teamLab Borderless at the end of August, but not all is lost. Thankfully teamLab Planets has extended its stay and will now be around until the end of 2023. At Planets, teamLab's immersive digital art installations are bigger, set in spacious rooms for a more immersive experience. Plus, it’s got a brand new garden area as well as a jaw-dropping vegan ramen restaurant that’s just out of this world. (Excerpt from the text)

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Pace Verso Presents First-Ever NFT Project by Interdisciplinary Art Collective teamLab

By crossing the borders of art, science, and technology, teamLab questions the tension arising between the self and the world. This Fall, their first NFT project will be launched on a new web3 hub, Pace Verso, run by the influential Pace Gallery. It will feature seven unique NFTs based on the phrase Matter is Void, which refers to the Japanese-Buddhist expression Shikisoku Zekuu indicative of the notion of emptiness.(Excerpt from the text)

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Pace Recruits Top Gallery Stars, Including teamLab and Loie Hollowell, to Create NFTs for Its Web3 Arm

Prices for the works vary widely. The collective teamLab’s first ever NFT project, a series of seven unique NFTs bearing the phrase “Matter Is Void,” will be priced at $200,000 each. (In a twist that aims to “explore ideas of authorship and ownership,” according to Pace, the owners of the works will be able to change the text at will, but anyone can download and display the NFTs at any time.) The project will be included in the gallery’s presentation at Paris+, Art Basel’s new French fair.(Excerpt from the text)

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Pace Gallery Can’t Stop Expanding in Seoul, Where It Has Upgraded in High Style

“We believe very strongly that art needs a white cube, like this,” Glimcher said, motioning to the show of strangely wan charcoal drawings by Romanian artist Adrian Ghenie on the walls around him, “but it also now needs a black box for digital and technology artists and new-media artists creating environments.” That new ground floor is Pace’s black box, where a show by the Japanese tech collective TeamLab is on view.(Excerpt from the text)

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ボルボ チームラボ かみさまがすまう森

1845年に50万m2もの敷地につくられた御船山楽園。古来より大切にされてきた森の木々を生かして造った広大な庭園を舞台に展開する、自然が自然のままアートになるこの広大な展覧会は、CNN「行くべき世界の屋外アート展2021」にも選ばれた。8回目となる今年は、虹色に輝きながら光がうごめく新作も加わる。御船山楽園の歴史やストーリーと融合した壮大なインスタレーションは、屋内外で楽しむことができる。 (本文抜粋)

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TeamLab Designs Multi-Sensory Art Space For "Infinite Curiosity" On Abu Dhabi’s Saadiyat Island

Interdisciplinary Tokyo-based art collective teamLab has revealed its design for a multi-sensory art space to be a new "home for infinite curiosity" on Abu Dhabi’s Saadiyat Island, United Arab Emirates. The new teamLab Phenomena Abu Dhabi is conceived to create a multi-sensory art experience featuring original and constantly transforming artistic installations unique to Abu Dhabi.(Excerpt from the text)