Time Out に、掲載。(Jun 30, 2021)

Summer 2021 issue out now: 50 reasons why Tokyo is the greatest city on Earth

International surveys often rank Tokyo as one of the top cities in the world, but we don’t need statistics to convince us that our beloved home is the greatest, the safest and the coolest. We have Godzilla watching over us from his perch high above Shinjuku – what further evidence is needed that this city is special? (Excerpt from the text)

Time Out に、掲載。(June 29, 2021)

teamLab Planets Tokyo is getting two new installations and they are stunning

Flowers as far as the eye can see – and no, we’re not talking about Ibaraki’s Hitachi Seaside Park. On July 2, teamLab Planets will open two brand new installations that will collectively be called the digital art museum’s Garden Area.
The first installation, titled ‘Floating Flower Garden: Flowers and I are of the Same Root, the Garden and I are One’, is a mirrored infinity room with hundreds of flowers (all epiphytic orchids) dangling from the ceiling. Inspired by a Zen Buddhist koan (a dialogue or story that’s part of a Zen priest’s theological training), this artwork is designed to help you become one with the garden. (Excerpt from the text)

HYPEBEAST に、掲載。(June 24, 2021)

teamLab Launches Major Solo Exhibition at San Francisco's Asian Art Museum

Following its debut of two flame installations in Tokyo, the teamLab digital technologists make their way to the U.S. for one of their largest installations to date. The international art collective based in Tokyo brings its renowned immersive experience to the Asian Art Museum’s newly constructed Akiko Yamazaki and Jerry Yang Pavilion. “teamLab: Continuity” will be the inaugural event for the art exhibition pavilion, the largest in San Francisco.(Excerpt from the text)

designboom に、掲載。(June 21, 2021)

teamlab unveils its ephemeral and luminous exhibition 'prayer' with no audience

from april 25 to may 31, 2021 art collective teamlab unveiled its exhibition ‘prayer’ without an audience. the unique exhibition featured the new installations, including ‘the eternal universe of words,’ in which calligraphy and its recitation created a universe of prayer, together with the massive ‘light sculpture of flames.’ also shown at the exhibition was ‘the eternal universe of words,’ in which calligraphy is forever written in three dimensions across an infinite space. these words are recited by buddhist monks with the help of zenbo hidaka, the deputy chief priest in koyasan sanbō-in.(Excerpt from the text)

The Washington Post に、掲載。(June 18, 2021)

Ready for a city trip? Miami has a bumper crop of newly opened attractions.

Sun-seeking vacationers are arriving to a spate of new attractions. The year’s creative headliner is immersive art center Superblue, which opened May 20 across from the private Rubell Museum in the Allapattah neighborhood. Superblue’s first exhibition, “Every Wall Is a Door,” is a color-drenched, digital wonderland by artists Es Devlin, teamLab, and James Turrell. Visitors walk through and into art pieces, which include Devlin’s mirrored maze “Forest of Us,” and a virtual waterfall that parts just before flowing across your feet.(Excerpt from the text)